Hello there! It's been a minute!

What have I been up to in the intervening months? Quite a bit, actually. First off, I'm single now (and  a million times happier) and no I am not going to answer any questions, so please don't ask. 

2. I joined the staff at Rookie, and it's been the most wonderful experience. I write things and do photos. You can see my contributions here. I'm especially proud of the editorial that I shot and styled last month. It's inspired me to pick my up 35mm camera again and never let it go.

2. I'm also a contributing photographer at Majestic Disorder magazine. The print mag is available everywhere, do pick up a copy, it's really a special publication. There's so much wisdom and heart that goes into the stories and interviews. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to add even a little bit of my work with the rest of the supremely talented staff.

3. I dyed half of my hair pink, because I fucking felt like it. Don't know how long it's going to stay like this; originally I'd intended to keep it for the summer but I think I may extend its life into the fall. Thanks to Sheba at Sparrow for rocketing me into the babezone. 

4. This year has been a great one for spooky music. The new album July by Marissa Nadler is one my particular favorites. A dear friend sent me a copy of it, and I fell in love so quickly that I purchased it on vinyl the day it was released. The remastered reissued vinyl LPs of Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas are also dreams come true. I also quite like the albums Psychic 9-5 Club by HTRK and Second Launch by Bremen. Living alone makes listening to scary ambient tunes feel much more of a internalized, subterranean experience. Light some candles, burn frankincense, drink wine, get high, and watch the shadows dance across the walls.

5. I usually do one performance piece each year, and this year I performed the suit of Swords at my coven's art show. Real swords were impossible to utilize, so I substituted them with white roses. In conceptualizing the piece I had every intention of removing myself as much as possible from each tableau - I wanted to become the spirit of each card and cast aside my psychic character. But after performing the piece three times that night, I felt thoroughly emotionally exhausted, as though I'd been sobbing for hours. The next day I slept past noon. Evidently I let my mind become more attached to the piece than I'd intended. In that sense, I suppose I failed in my original vision but I hope that any bit of myself that came out in the performance only made it more interesting.

6. My style is much simpler now. After years of complicated garments and nausea-inducing prints, I just want to wear black and blue and band tees and FLAT SHOES. I also dress ~sexier~ now, presumably because I'm single, but mostly because I just feel so fucking confident. I recognize my cuteness, I revel in my babe status. And I feel really good about the person I am. 

I'm honestly unsure if I'll continue to update this thing. I'm spending so much time just living, and doing things, and plotting even more things to do, that writing in this blog seems anticlimatic when I think about it. Sure, I could wax and wane about the utterly depressing state of blogging these days, a state it has been in since, well, since I began this thing four years ago. But that feels too self-serving. I make a conscious decision every day to extend compassion as much as I can, and with that comes excision of hate, so I won't regurgitate the same points as others have done so much better than myself. In all honestly, the free things and perks never once mattered to me when compared against what was most important - writing as truthfully as I could about fashion from my point of view. That's all I wanted to do. And maybe now I want to do other things - continue striving for depth in my writing, push myself in my photography, learn to play guitar, and live joyfully. I'm in the midst of a very beautiful time in my life, and I want to spread my arms out wide and enjoy every second of it. Thanks to every one of you who has ever read thing - you mean the world to me, and know that I love you. Maybe I'll be back, maybe not, but please keep in touch. I wish you all the very best.


ring thing

Since my sweet fiance' proposed to me last year, I've become really obsessed with delicate jewelry to match my engagement ring. I've really enjoyed collecting statement and stacking rings, as well as first knuckle rings, which while I normally ignore trends, this is one I can wholeheartedly get behind. Bands on my top hand are by Catbird and I absolutely recommend their in-house jewelry line. You can really feel the love that went into crafting each piece, especially after reading this Fashionista interview with the founders. On the bottom hand, Ceres ring by Pamela Love, tiny pentacle knuckle ring by Species by the Thousands (whose brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn I am DYING to go see!), and Peter ring in silver was a gift from Cities in Dust, a lovely jewelry line made right here in Chicago. Nail polish is Metaphor by Jin Soon

In some more bridal news, Vera Wang's new editorial short is giving me so much life. I love the melancholy brides who sulk around with one another. This is precisely the sort of gothic glamour I'm hoping to channel down the aisle! It's less than two minutes long and well worth watching.


person of the sticks

Hello there! It feels nice to be back to the blog after brief hiatus. What have I done in the meanwhile? I did some interviews that I’m proud of with the Chicago Sun-Times and Groupon, which I do hope you read because they meant a lot to me. And I’ve been busy planning my wedding, though it is now happening next year instead of this year because weddings cost SO. MUCH. MONEY. Mostly I’ve worked through some things in my personal life, which I think for a lot of us can often feel like a minefield, in that there seems to be explosions everywhere and no matter where you step you’re going to set something off. None of us are Katniss Everdeen, we can’t shoot an arrow and disarm an entire field, it has to be done piece by piece. And that takes time. But! I did recently had a chance to take some photos with my dear friend Emma. This is a collaboration we worked on with Warby Parker, who sent me these glasses, the Marcel in Plum Maplewood. I didn’t get a chance to try them on before I picked up them out, but I know that big round frames tend to suit to my face, and trusted in Warby Parker’s design that they wouldn’t look silly. When they arrived I fell in love immediately. We took the photos at the Bourgeois Pig cafe in Lincoln Park which suited the old-timey vibe I was going for.

Wearing a top by Rodarte (purchased on SUPER sale at the Barney's Warehouse site), vintage tie-dyed slip, Rag & Bone jeans and boots (available here), and Venessa Arizaga bracelet (similar here) that was a gift from my sweet friend Dana. All images are by Emma and edited by me.

BONUS!! Here's what I wore after the shoot, all bundled up to trek back to Logan Square in the snow. As you will notice, my poor Rag & Bone boots have not taken favorably to winter but I think they look better with some distressing. Also, Risto Bimbiloski kindly sent me this sweater months ago and I have worn it obsessively throughout this never ending cold. It's cozy and I love the interesting textures. You can purchase it here if you are so inclined!.