a gift guide, DEAL WITH IT

So this is my first time posting a gift guide on the blog, because I always find them so silly, buuut this year I decided to make one for y'all, mostly because there's just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF TO BUY. So many not-terrible things to spend your hard-earned dollaz on for the witches in your life (or yourself!). Whenever possible, I try to support small business and encourage you all to do the same - all of the products listed below come from lil businesses or are handmade. Enjoy!

from left to right, more or less
1. Heart of Gold Designs Moon and Star headpiece, price on request. Could you imagine this thing in your head while staring at the full moon? Yep, it's a no-brainer. Heart of Gold creates the most stunning bridal and casual tiaras and crowns, super-affordable candy for your head essentially. Email Heather at heartofgolddesigns@gmail.com for purchasing info.

2. Caitlin Shearer Moongirl print, $15. I've been obsessed with Caitlin Shearer's artwork forever. Her watercolors are sure to delight a beloved person in your life. 

3. Sparrow For Everyone essential oil, $88. My dearest hair stylist Sheba has created the most ESSENTIAL of essential oils. Completely organic, this oil can be used anywhere from nails to hair to weird dry scaly patches of winter skin. It smells like a desert dream. Available at Bona Drag or Asrai Garden for you local Chicago pals.

4. Lulu Frost Milky Way Pendant necklace, $180. Can we please talk about how this necklace is basically a requirement for witch life? How it is weirdly 1920s and Earth Moon Goddess at the exact same time? Okay. Done. Available at Shopbop.

5. Catbird Tarot Deck candle, $32. I have this candle, and it literally does smell just like what you'd imagine an old, worn tarot deck to smell like. Light this to bring some magic into your life. Available at Catbird and Asrai Garden.

6. Ksubi Floral Pentagram muscle tee, $64. It's not summer yet, but it's never too late to start thinking about clothes for the heat. And when it's cold, throw a tailored jacket over this lovely tee and perhaps even a little choker, and you're set for MYSTiC ViBeZ. Available at Bona Drag.

7. Hopeless Lingerie Karen knickers, $75. Uhhhh so these are the sexiest knickers I may have ever seen. Wanna ruffle some feathers? These will do it. I will probably need these for my honeymoon I MEAN WHAT I AM PURE AND CHASTE.

8. Elemental Child Daughter of Day comb, $120. I discovered Elemental Child on Instagram, where there is a thriving community of spooky artists making all manner of witchy things. This crystal headpiece is casual enough for everyday wear, but when dressed up it can work for your favorite gowns and finery. I may need to purchase this at some point. 

9. Lauren Wolf Druzy with Stingray Claw ring, $110. This ring tells stories of haunted lagoons and ancient places of power...also it's just hella cute. Great for stacking or wearing on its own. Available at Catbird and Shopbop.

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FAIIINT said...

That crystal headpiece is all kinds of wonderful! Definitely adding that to my want list, along with the Ksubi tee & knickers too!