27 seconds

Yesterday I turned 27. 27 isn't a landmark birthday. It's not the gatekeeper of some new life endeavor. It isn't a birthday that is meant to be memorable or particularly special. But for some reason I felt compelled to celebrate it a little, at the very least, with the people I love. So I had some friends over for dinner and wine drinkin' and and happy send-offs into the next year of my life.

My dearest Morgan gave me this evil eye pendant from her neighboring bot├ínica, blessed especially for me, and it smells of frankincense and rosewater...

I wore a vintage angel dress and paisley belt and Venessa Arizaga necklace. As the next year of my life starts, I am filled with unbridled optimism at the possibilities that lay ahead. No longer am I confined to the desperate moments of my early twenties. Growing up also means growing out of the youthful chains that constrict us. I am thrilled to see where my new freedom takes me.


the taste just slips away

(thrifted cloak and dress, alexander wang shoes, hansel from basel socks gift from the brand, pamela love necklace)

It is my sincerest desire that my blog retain some form of relatibility. I think a lot about what Ride once said. They rejected glam flashiness and said they wanted their fans to feel like any of them could go on stage and do what they did. This is a bit disingenuous of course, because not every musician is Andy Bell, but the essence of what they meant has always been a guiding principle for me. In following this idea, I really only post what I happen to be wearing. I never ever want to alienate you all. Because there's this sense that an outfit on a blog is somehow "better" than an outfit not a blog, which is bullshit, for obvious reasons. Anyone can have a blog and take photos of their outfits or write about what makes them feel good and what makes them feel bad. And maybe more people should do this, because everyone's voices are important and more voices in the conversation are desperately needed. Speak up! The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

I found this cloak thing at a thrift store. It seems to have once been a graduation robe? Can be worn right side up, as a sort of warlock's robe, or upside down, as I am doing in the photo above. Also, Meagan Doesn't Change Facial Expressions! Someone more enterprising than myself should turn photos of me into a YTNMD set to the song "Valerie"...

Hansel From Basel was kind enough to send me some lovely socks a while back, but the heat wave (THAT HUMANS ARE CAUSING) has made it nearly impossible to wear socks. It was still too hot when I took these photos, but a large part of me is anxiously awaiting the autumn when I can wear these blue socks with all manner of black shoes.

My dear friend Jenna shopped the recent Pamela Love sample sale for me. I'd been wanting the sacred heart necklace for a couple years now, and with her help, I was able to purchase it at a severely discounted price. The perfect way to celebrate my upcoming 27th birthday!


souvlaki space nails

Okay, today we're going to talk about NAILS. NAILS are there for you when you are having a bad self-esteem day (because we all have them, regardless of how feminist we are). NAILS are something that everyone has, regardless of our differences between our bodies and styles. NAILS are the easiest and least stressful way to play around with your look, in a manner that is totally temporary and noncommittal. Perfect for commitmentphobes like myself! But while the nail art trend has exploded, I've avoided it because I have very small, brittle nails. No thanks to genetics! They chip and break if I'm doing something as mundane as texting on my phone. Vitamins help, but it can't change my biology.

Anyway, Last week the fine folks at CND were kind enough to give me a shellac mani, which could NOT have come at a better time because I have been stressin' out! Their no-chip nail shellac lasts two weeks and come in all sorts of *ZaNY CoLoRS~.  Admittedly, my mani began chipping about five days later, but that's because of my nail issues. In fact, my lackluster nails have dissuaded me from getting fun manicures because I figure, what's the point if my nails are just going to break? But after experiencing a well-done, interesting manicure, I kind of want to make this a regular thing!

I got space nails, because I'm still not over Christopher Kane's 2011 Resort collection and because we discovered the Higgs boson and I'd been listening to Souvlaki Space Station on repeat that day, and it all sort of made sense to have that on my NAILS. I even got a couple black holes with green and purple accretion disks for good measure. NAIL DEGRASSE TYSON RIGHT HERE.

Fun manicures don't have to be just for those with long, glamourous nails! If you're like me, and have always had problems with your nails, take vitamins (this has drastically improved my overall nail health) and don't feel like nail art isn't an option for you. Do whatever you want. #YOLO

Also, The Blush did a lil feature of my closet and you can click here to check it out ^_^


total sonic annihilation

Last night I went to see A Place to Bury Strangers for the NINTH TIME. Hard to believe that I first them in 2007 before I moved to Alaska, and met my boyfriend at that show! They've taken their live performance to exciting places since then and now have the distinction of being one of the best touring bands right now (in my humble opinion). Utilizing multiple projectors and strobe lights, their brash visual aesthetic perfectly complements their ungodly loud guitars. When I say loud, I really mean, completely fucking ear-searingly loud. They are playing across the US at the moment and I highly highly recommend catching a show in your city! It is an experience.

I wore my favorite Risto falling petal dress with Venessa Arizaga necklace, House of Matching Colours sequined wrap belt, and Dries van Noten shoes.



(risto jacket, meadham kirchhoff for topshop dress, chloe sevs x oc paisley tights, comme des garcons platforms, venessa arizaga necklace)

Hello, and happy Friday the 13th! Apologies for lack of posts, but Chicago, as indeed much of the continental U! S! A! has been embroiled in a wicked heat wave. A heat wave in which, yes, humans are likely directly responsible for! Isn't that delightful! And for those of us that enjoying layering, the heat is not conducive to style. Lately I've been wearing tissue-thin tops and basic skirts because OH MY GOD I OWN ZERO SUMMER CLOTHES. This outfit is from a few weeks ago when I had dinner with a friend of mine, when the temperatures were just a little more bearable. I saved it until today because it my hope that it can serve as a reminder that yes! jackets n' tights weather will come again! We can get through this together, friends.

Aaaaand annoucing the winner of my Lula magazine #14 giveaway is...Lally! Thanks to everyone who entered, I only wish I could give you all Pieces. Pieces. Pieces Of Me. You're welcome for reminding you that song exists. Maybe my next giveaway should be a DIY white tanktop that says *PUNK* on it? With rhinestones, yes?

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to extend you all a big hug because the internet has been very depressing for the past few days. Self-care is of the utmost importance. I plan on unplugging this weekend, and encourage you all to find spaces (IRL or online), where you are treated with dignity and respect. Be well, everyone. xo


giveaway! lula #14

Happy July 4th to my United Statesian readers! So work has really busy lately and I wasn't going to run a giveaway until things slowed down, buuuuut I've got an extra copy of the new Lula #14 and want to give it away to a lucky reader! Purchased from Chicago's very own Quimby's Books, a local independent bookstore. This issue features interviews with Charlotte Olympia, Iris Apfel, and Meadham Kirchhoff.  Also of course, dreamy editorials with styling from the best collections of Spring 2012...

To win this magazine, just comment here with a valid email address! No "OMG FOLLOW ME" gimmicks (but I do suggest you follow my Twitter account because I am not ashamed to admit that it is very entertaining) I'll ship worldwide but please let me know if in the comments if you are an international entry. A winner will be selected at random on Friday, July 13th. Good luck!


in the wilderness

(vintage dress from sisters of the black moon, necklace gift from meadham kirchoff, miu miu shoes)

The 70s had the most magical clothes. Details that, even today, don't feel antiquated at all because they transcend trends or passing fads, and instead create a mood. Things like empire waists, bell sleeves, and floaty angle-grazing hemlines. This dress is witchy and romantic and imparts such an intense feeling of long, of yearning, of wistfulness even?, all through the ingenuity of its design. Perhaps this dress isn't the most practical thing to be worn in the summer, but I don't mind at all because its mystical qualities are worth suffering through 100-degree weather...

These sleeeeeves. This lace! Cannot get over how ethereal I feel when I'm wearing this dress. I feel like an Ever After character, an Esben and the Witch song come to life, a Pre-Raphaelite princess.

Riccardo Tisci once said that he isn't gothic, he's a romantic. That sentiment didn't make much sense to me at first but now I think I am starting to understand what he means. I am writing this post really late at night, and want to delve more into my ideas about romanticism later, because thoughts of that aesthetic have dominated my creative work lately. But if I had to describe the summation of all of my influences it would undoubtedly center around romanticism in all its pains, joys, loves, and losses. These are notions that I want to express with my outfits and writing and photos these days. The tenderest human emotions as fuel for power in my appearance.