eckhaus latta spring/summer 2013

I do loathe the quick-paced cyclical nature of the fashion industry. Fashion is the only creative venture in which the end product is deemed Not Good within 6 months. This is a mechanism to keep cash registers flowing, to be sure, but it comes at the cost of devaluing the creative process that went into the collection to begin with. Fashion Week is coming up again in 5 weeks (!) and I feel like I haven't had sufficient time to mull over the two most exceptional shows I saw in September. So the next couple posts are my attempt to distill the most meaningful impressions from Eckhaus Latta and Imitation of Christ.

Eckhaus Latta immediately floored me with its earnestness. As this was their debut presentation, so much of the pretention inherent at fashions was thankfully absent. The presentation was held in a tiny space at Milk Studios that was bursting at the seams with showgoers who were eager to experience something new. And something new we received - a relatively diverse cast of models posed amongst cerebral tableaus wearing unironic Crocs and clothes fashioned from found objects. Nothing about this collection felt forced. Not even the cans of Eckhaus Power Juice that littered the ground. Everything was done with a sense of humor. Humor that presented itself in the form of tassel embellishments, cheeky cutouts, and paperbag waistlines. 

It's said that creativity follows a general rule of imagining something not for what it is, but for what it can be. And Eckhaus Latta takes this idea literally, by crafting garments from shopping bags and bits of plastic. When paired with sumptuous knits and delicately sheer silks, the effect was a cohesiveness that was superb.

I was reminded a lot of Boudicca, which is (was?) an avant garde label from England specializing in the hyper-futuristic aesthetic of the early aughts. Not in terms of their clothes, because they couldn't be more dissimilar, but more in terms of the way they crafted momentary contexts; Boudicca with their fashion films, Eckhaus Latta with the tableaus.


Roma said...

eckhaus latta looked so good.one of my friends was actually in the show so naturally this post makes me really excited. Fashion has been really pissing me off lately for just what you talked about: it seems really forced and fake and just for money. Eckhaus Latta was truly perfect because, as you said, it isn't pretentious and it is completely organic which makes me smile.

Goo Girls said...

fricke yes your photos are GORGEOUS <3 <3 <3 omg