heavenly bodies

So I ran across some things on the internet that I am extremely in love with, and maybe you will like them too! Or maybe you will not care at all? Maybe you will hate this? Maybe you will vomit all over your keyboard because I posted this? Shrugs. That's cool, bro.

The new video for "The Garden" by Tamaryn is e v e  r y t h i n g. It is the Alpha, it is the Omega, and it deserves to be watched in fullscreen. Shot on a broken Super 8 video camera, it is a supersaturated dream world with lush imagaery that does justice to their equally lush sound. You could draw comparison from this video to the video for My Bloody Valentine's "Only Shallow" but that would be doing it a bit of a disservice - namely because "The Garden" is much more of a lifelike dream.  I want to live in this video. Can I do that? Can someone make that happen for me? I mean, this is pretty much what my brain looks like anyway. Do watch this one, folks. And go see Tamaryn on her tour!

 Sorcha O'Raghallaigh is a London-based designer who's just released her newest collection. It's inspired by the Virgin Mary, but its the execution and fleshed-out vision that is so entrancing. Rather than digitally print a bunch of Madonnas on some fabric, Sorcha created her pieces with a certain regality in mind. Tulle and tailored pants are unlikely combo, but with this is works because there's a strong cohesiveness throughout the vision. I'm really into this idea of taking pretty, optimistic things and making them feel dark and melancholy, which her lookbook does really well, but also shows ouff the precise detail on every garment and accessory. INTO IT.

 She also collaborated with Ellen Rogers for POP Magazine, which excites me because Ellen Rogers is probably my favorite working photographer right now! Sorcha's witchy garments lend themselves perfectly to Ellen Rogers' aesthetic and use of wet plate photography. This is basically a match made in heaven.


Brandon said...

I am so into everything here and it's all news to me! Loving Tamaryns latest album to pieces. Shoegaze baaaabes <3<3<3

Isabel said...

I, for onem love it when you post music and video stuff! I feel like I've discovered so much awesome stuff from you. As long as you are jazzed about what you are posting, that's what matters! Also, Sorcha's work is cray-mazing. Have you seen her Stylelikeu video? It is ultimate.

meagan said...

glad you guys liked this <3

@isabel thanks so much, glad i'm not writing stuff that disappears into a black hole! at your recc i just checked out sorcha's SLU video...omg forever style icon ^.^

Ria said...

Totally can see Tamaryn's video being what your brain looks like and I'm super into it.