a place to bury strangers t-shirt, chris habana necklace, rodarte for opening ceremony leather apron (worn previously here), hansel from basel tights c/o, waaaay old comme des garcons clogs (worn previously here)

It is winter outside now which for the most part means that I MUST wear my preferred silhouette of a long skirt, but sometimes I want to get SASSY and show a little leg. This is accomplished via a warm pair of tights so I don't turn into an icicle when I leave the house. Also I am not sure why my lips look so red in this photo, I wasn't wearing any lipstick as you'll see below...

I have ombre hair now. It makes me feel very fabulous and I love it. However! I have had dark hair for many years and am having a slight identity crisis, mostly because I do not know how to look spooky with this hair color. Like, I need to completely restructure my entire makeup routine! Do I need new blush? New lipstick? Am I still allowed to wear liquid eyeliner? Why am I so hopeless when it comes to makeup?

These tights are Very Comfy and Very Warm and I love them so much.  Do you like them too? Cool, I thought so! You're in luck because Hansel from Basel wants to give you a pair! Entering is SO easy. Just ~~~LIKE~~~ their Facebook page and leave a valid email address in the comments below. United Statesian entrants only, please. I'll choose a winner at random in a week...and I'll even throw in a SURPRISE. Go forth, my cherubic readers, and win yourselves a cute pair of tights!

Edit 12/6/12: Hi everyone, thanks so much for entering! I've chosen a winner and have contacted her.


Josh & Lydia! said...

Love the new hair. And, I could use some warm tights here in Iowa : )


Bianca said...

hair looks fab, I'm kinda stuck with my do for now...I just want to keep growing it like a chia pet!

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

i love your new hair! you can still be spooky and have lightish hair, i promise. it just takes some getting used to and some extra eyeliner. a spooky lipcolor also helps (i personally like emerald green and grey).

Genevieve said...

Love the tights. niccor@umich.edu

Christina said...


I dig the red sole on the tights


Roma said...

wooo! you look groovy as per usual!


liked the facebook page too!

Piper Alexander said...

These tights are pretty awesome & I want them, please.


Also, I feel ya'. I get the same way w/my clothes/makeup/glasses, etc. when I change my hair color. I've gone red before and then refused to wear any pink, cause I thought it clashed w/my hair. Now I stick to completely neutral colors, like black or white.

serafimo said...


Also in Chicago. Need warm tights.

(P.S. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Zana Bayne...)

adriennelydia said...

Great tights, I need more polka dots in my closet!


Girl with the most cake said...

I like the way your whole outfit is this bluish tone with some accidental red - be it the soles of your tights or the unexplicable red lips.

Also man, those tights.. If i don't win the giveaway I'll have to re-arrange my whole shopping list so i get them in time for christmas -___- they are just so rad. my email is heyidiot163@gmail.com


Raynpho said...

I just discovered this blog the other day, no regrets. its.teh.junebug@gmail.com

Hannah said...

i love this ensemble. i was in chicago (for the first time ever!) this week to see king khan & bbq show at empty bottle & as a southerner i froze to death.


Amely Rose said...

ok where should i start? i love your nerdy glasses, are they "real"? they are amazing and eyecatchy. also i adore your heels, they look very comfy and pretty. and i love just the ntire outfit

want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

my blog:

allison said...

Love Hansel from Basel! And I absolutely love their new line. Cant wait for the giveaway, pick me pick me!

Also, you look rad.

Victoria Drumm said...

Eeeeek, so cute! :O
I ordinarily get squicked out by polka dots (don't ask me why, I really don't know), but those tights are an exception for sure. I hope I win!
(liked on FB as Becky Schmekeldorf... don't ask why that name, either. I AM A WOMAN OF MYSTERY~*~)

Ignuf said...

Love Hansel from Basel! liked on facebook

my email is in my linked profile

alanasaurussrex said...

Those tights are divine!

Liked on Facebook!

Email: alanasaurussrex@yahoo.com

Kate Merritt said...

you can *never* go wrong with liquid eyeliner


maureen.e.coyote said...


beverly said...

The shoes make the outfit.


Beth said...

guiwbhdwgdejwye I am so envious of your leather pinafore!