rose hip november

I'm a bit of an obsessive playlist maker; I have playlists for all moments of life, some 3 songs, some hours and hours. My playlists are somewhat of a rudimentary form of journaling, so it feels a little weird to share this one, but it's really the best way to convey the inspirations I'm feeling right now. 

Whenever I am thinking of what to be inspired by, it usually begins with a song. I think a lot about the physical place that a song would exist in. Lately I am interested in this idea of ethereal places that do exist, as opposed to dream worlds. Places like Alaska with its starkness and its fogginess and the way everything there looks so blue. Or Northern California and its gently rolling hills and sky that seemed to stretch clear across the planet, and how the few trees pierced the sky, and how the beaches had no sand, only sharp rocks and crashing waters. And places I've never been - like the Plains with a cabin here and there, and waves of grains, and a cinematic sunset. I guess I am itching to be around stillness, to see stars in the sky. The city is windy and noisey and noises all clanging into one another, and for some reason I'm really compelled to be away from that. Even for a few moments.

For fall and winter maybe I feel like living in that place. It exists within its own history; an amalgamation of the 70s and the Victorian era and everything Baroque and maybe here in present, except you are much older than you are now, and still favor the old-timey things of your youth. Like going to your grandparent's house and seeing everything covered in lace and doilies and weird inspirational placards hanging on the walls. And stark dualities between these things, like dreams and wakefulness, black and white, ghosts and the living, and magick and reality. And precious music that is spooky but instead of being from a dream world, is from a place that is so close you can reach it. You don't have to sleep to see this world, you only need to listen to Azure Ray and sit under a tree on a very gray day.

Hellen Van Meene for Paradis #5

Francesca Woodman

Marc Jacobs by Juergen Teller

White Magic by LOVER

Grazhyna Kukhta by Elsa Torjdman

Gertrude Kasebier

Norman Parkinson for Vogue, 1970

Valentino Haute Couture 

Guy Bourdain, 1971

Arthur Rackman, 1908

Yelena Yemchuck

Codie Young in Raf Simons Menswear archives

Angelica Huston

Alexandria Valenti for Sisters of the Black Moon

Ellen Rogers x Prizme

Erin Fetherston Resort 2013

Steven Meisel for Versace 1998

I will probably be over this inspiration in like a week, but here are some things I'm looking forward to wearing during the colder weather.

All clothing is vintage (black dress and paisley jacket from Sisters of the Black Moon), except for the white ruffly overcoat which was from my secret Goodwill. Plastic clutch is by 202 Factory,  faux fur boa is Meadham Kirchhoff. Pamela Love sacred heart necklace, Prada shoes from ebay, Rachel Comey x Hansel from Basel socks that remind me of Bloom.

This post was exhausting, and probably very pretentious! Oh well, hoping this autumn brings magic to your imagination. It's the best season for that. xoxo


ALCOHOLS said...

this is all so lovely! only recently i started creating playlists and it is really like a form of diary, you can just look back at them and almost feel the mood you were in when you created it. that green velvet coat is THE BEST and i mean it and hopefully you will show it off here in its whole beauty because i seriously cant wait. i just love velvet so much. xx

Low Couture said...

This post reminds me of the piece you did on the flat winter light in the Midwest. Beautiful and well worth the effort.

Jennifer said...

Lovely playlist! I am very much the same when it comes to making playlists. It's often therapy for me to sit down, make a playlist and than listen to it from beginning to end. I truly enjoy your blog and your brilliant sense of style!

Meagan said...

this is so beautiful and eerie. as much as i hate winter and fall sometimes, it can be kind of nice in a dark way.

Fat Aus said...

perfect taste all the time

Tori Bonaventura said...

All of these photos are perfection. There is nothing I am loving more right now than haunting photos from the 70's. xx