pray for those who have gone from the sunlight that surrounds you

 (risto jacket, jil sander t-shirt, vintage silk skirt, margiela shoes)
One last hurrah before autumn sets in, and the sun is low in the sky, and I embrace the darker colors in my wardrobe. It was truly refreshing to spend the warmer months wearing a bright color palette of rose and ivory, but soon it will be time for the blacks and the blues.

I'm really attracted to this idea of taking optimistic prints and patterns and turning them upon themselves - making them melancholy by placing them into a melancholy context, through the use of things like a forced vacant stare and the weird flat light of the Midwest that seems to envelop us every autumn. I am not sad anymore, but I suppose I'm still fond of that aesthetic. Fall always feels solemn to me. It was in the fall of 2003 that I became obsessed with Saddle Creek bands, because their aesthetic had a way of capturing the Midwestern austerity that I find so comforting. Specifically Rilo Kiley, who although they hailed from LA, seemed to sense these gray Midwestern days. Listening to The Execution of All Things brings me back to my beloved best friend Annie and our struggles to deal with the weight of our lives. Days were tough back then but when we listened to Rilo I Kiley I felt less alone, more understood. Its shining moments of buoyancy tempered with unrelenting sorrow were the soundtrack to our hearts.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunglight That Surrounds You by Rilo Kiley

I've never seen flat sunlight quite the way it happens here. One of the many reasons that the Midwest is inspiring.


Low Couture said...

I went to school in Ohio, I know exactly that sort of light you're describing!

Because of where I am this time of year, I'm missing the change of season.. I miss how somber and centering it is to prepare for winter, to amass beautiful things to layer on, etc


adireg said...

i love your blog

Meagan said...

as much as I hate the midwest, I love it. it's just kind of pretty. also what's the deal with your wardrobe being endless and full of my favorite things?

Tricia said...

I don't think there has ever been an album that was the right group of songs at the right time for me as much as The Execution of All Things was. I remember hearing "A Better Son/Daughter" for the first time so clearly and the feeling that it had be written for me and only me.

Magnet said...

I can not relate to anything midwest at all because, well, I dwell and spend my days on the other side of the planet. Feel free to hold onto summer, I don't want it! T_T

Jessica W said...

Gahhh you make me even more obsessed with paisley. You're also making me want to visit the Midwest. I'd love to go to a place that has a personality and a interesting short-term history about it.

The Lovelorn

Annie said...

I love the Midwest and I love you <3

vonilicious said...

This is making me miss the change of seasons so badly. Everything is painfully the same in Florida. It's a strange place. You've also got me listening to this album again, forgot how much I liked it.