good morning

(house of matching colours dress, risto jacket, vintage dior camisole gift from sleepy head vintage, old slip, venessa arizaga necklace, jil sander shoes. photos by kelley)

Back in July, on my 27th birthday, Kelley came over to interview me for her style website Majestic Disorder. It was a lot of fun to spend an afternoon talking about me, myself, and I, and also watching Gangam Style for the first time. Hop on over to her website to see the feature in which she wrote the *sweetest* things about me. Also inclues a lil video of me gesticulating stupidly while talking about House of Leaves, which YES I AM AWARE that this book is pretentious pomo drivel, but honestly I think artists should err on the side of talking themselves too seriously rather than not seriously enough. I say this because I've watched way too many talented artists do nothing except snort coke and party all night. MAKE ART even if it showoffy or sardonic or just plain sucks!


A La Mode said...

Freakin love you and this outfit <3

Roma said...

You look so dreamy in these pictures. That video of you is incredible. you are such a goddess <3

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

forever in love with that jacket. sigh.

Jessica W said...

Great article. The fact you identified as a goth AND a feminist makes your 1000x cooler.
Two of my favourite things :)))
(P.S Your outfit is hella awesome)

The Lovelorn

Adam Kwiatkowski said...

You look perfect :)

Goo Girls said...

Meagan, I am so in love with you in this outfit but also with your sentiments about making art this is my life philosophy and approach to everything! -mattil

Coco Layne said...

Gurl your dress is jaw dropping. My jaw literally hit the floor. I'm seriously so obsessed with you now.

-- Coco


Low Couture said...

It is good for me to be reminded to be genuine.. to take things seriously.

I love how the choker works w this look


Lydia said...

Fabulous, I love it.