onwards to the wall

FUUUUUUCK so I got back from #New #York #Fashion #Week yesterday and had zero time to update my blog while I was there, mostly because I packed my schedule with shows and PARTIES and eating pretzels from possibly infectious food carts and also because my hotel had no wi-fi because it did not get the memo that it is now 2012! I'm not really in a position to complain about my hotel's lack of wi-fi because I found an emergency room there after my original "hotel" I booked turned out to be a hostel room that I was sharing with 5 OTHER DUDES, AND POSSIBLY BEDBUGS. Twas more than a little horrifying but soon enough I found myself at room 420 (SERIOUSLY) at the Hotel Pennslyvania, to become my Base Camp for NYFW. And by Base Camp I mean of course, that my giant suitcase exploded across my room with clothes and beauty products! I'm a tornado.

NOT A LIGNE by Jenny Lai was her debut collection, and it was a really strong start! The tulle-paneled pants are actually quite wearable, despite the presentation's styling, and are especially effective with the floral blouse on the far right. While some of the pieces felt a little amateur (the pink tulle dress...), this is a line that has big ideas and isn't afraid to go after them.
The slashed hemlines were an interesting touch, especially when that negative space was filled with another piece of tulle.

 However, my favorite part of this presentation was the killer sock n' shoe combo. The tie-dyed socks, I MEAN.

Katie Gallagher's Spring 2013 collection can only be described as a quantum leap forward. Easily her most refined collection to date. Whereas in the past her looks felt like the summation of their parts and each individual piece only existed to serve the completed look, this collection featured standalone pieces that would could work simply based on their own merit. Really though, this collection was about the meticulous details, each texture and fabric fold being so obviously labored over. The touches of metal added just a bit of grounding to the gravity-defying garments, keeping it from going too far into the ethereal realm. Of course I believe one can never be too ethereal, but the art of subtlety is a important one.

The back of this jacket was breathtaking, reminded me so much of Hussein Chalayan's delicate yet deliberate folds.

 (a place to bury strangers KILL tee gift from mattie, pamela love necklace, house of matching colours belt, h and m skirt, meadham kirchhoff shoes. photos by lydia hudgens)

So here's one of my outfits, which ended up being way, way too hot for the unseasonably warm weather. Sequined pencil skirts and sweat is, uh, not the comfiest thing in the world. I was cranky from dealing with COOL FASHION PEOPLE and had a dream that I was punching them all in the face, so I decided to channel my suppressed inner rage into my outfit. KILL tee and dagger necklace felt like the perfect way to do that. I didn't really plan out my outfits this year, just kind of scooped up whatever wasn't wrinkled from my hotel room tornado.
I found these Meadham Kirchhoff jams on ebay a while ago and they're a challenge to style, but seemed to work perfectly with my rage. Being a sample size is advantageous. And clomping around NYC in them all day left my feet feeling happier than if I were wearing vicious heels.


Isabel said...

Oh my god, you have those shoes? YOU HAVE THE SHOES. So good. I am freaking dead.

Emily said...

THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. Checked into my hotel and discovered I was also sharing a bunk with a strange man. Couch surfed for two days until I just ended up at the Thompson LES. Never again, we should just room together next time around.

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

i'm obsessed with that skirt. the mermaid raver skirt is now my must have for fall.

Marlena said...

This outfit is just too good, Meagan! I have literal hearts for eyes right now just looking at it. ♥____♥

Meagan said...

ahhhhhh those shoes <3 also I love those clothes Katie Gallagher, they're so beautiful and delicate.

Magnet said...

WTFFFF YOU HAVE THOSE MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF SHOES!!! FUUUUUUCCK OFF. I'm convinced, you are the most talented e-bayer I know. Looove them. Oh, and I really like your sequin skirt too! Is it bad that I actually adore that pink tulle dress? =/

Evelina said...

you do not know me, but i just wanted to let you know i saw you on the street while you were wearing that outfit and, well, you looked amazing (: LOVE the shoes, ugh!

Lhizette C. said...

wow I want those socks @.@

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

Holy crud, well thank god you moved. Nobody should ever have to suffer without WI FI.