creatures of the zephyr in the sky

At Fashion Week I stopped by the Creatures of the Wind showroom to see Chris & Shane's new collection. After chatting about their upcoming editorial features and Lula Cafe's brunch, Chris walked me through the racks of clothing so exquisite that it completely upends the notion of fashion being frivolous. How could human creations that are so beautiful and so expressive be of no significant value, simply because they clothe the female body? It's a ridiculous idea that is rooted in misogyny. Interestingly, Chris explained their inspiration as being based off this notion of monstrous beauty - both literally as in a female Godzilla film, and figuratively, by bloating out 60s couture shapes. This was accomplished in a manner wholly distinct from Raf Simons' Jil Sander couture trilogy. Where Simons was keen to distend the shapes and forgo the details, Creatures of the Wind pushed the shapes and the details to their logical extreme. Soft pleats ran the length of the body and the coat's T-rex arms highlighted the tent shape even further. Its refreshing to know that today, there are still designers willing to push the envelope in high fashion.

The details are so arresting in person. Each Swarovski crystal is expertly placed by a master embroiderer who also works for Givenchy Haute Couture. Shane said that they like working with couture materials because they want to create something grand, but while still supporting small rural businesses that create couture. For a moment, upon viewing this in person, I got lost among the deliberate school of black and blue crystals that seem to follow their own path of movement.

The flower print features holographic threads that positively glitter in the sunlight. I tried to capture as best as I could with my camera, but failed to do it justice. The way this print shimmers is simply spectacular.

Precise jacket lapels, more experiments in romanticized shapes, yet almost seeming like the inverses of one another.

Creatures of the Wind sources their fabrics from the most assorted places; this blouse is constructed from 70s deadstock fabric.

One of their favorite pieces in the collection, this blouse used knitted plastic along with vivid tangerine threads that resemble polka dots, but aren't polka dots really, and are instead small lines in varying sizes, each one sewn in by hand.

Once again, they collaborated with Tabitha Simmons to produce the shoes. Chris says they like working with her because they are given unprecedented creative freedom when designing the footwear. Ankle straps and more crystals and patent leather feel so friendly and inviting, and despite how perfectly they match this collection, each shoe stands on its own as a happy addition to any wardrobe. I'm especially fond of ghostwhite crystal patent heels... 

There is so much of this city in their clothes; I can't explain it, perhaps it is an intangible thing, a mood?, an idea, a physical capture of Chicago's sensibilities, through boxy tops and gently curving hems. Something about their clothing feels like home to me. And as someone who's had many impermanent homes throughout my life, that's a comforting feeling.


☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

such a beautiful post. there are so many things i love about this! the photos are lush and dreamy, the way you've written about this collection is very personal. this quote especially resonates: "How could human creations that are so beautiful and so expressive be of no significant value, simply because they clothe the female body?"

Jasmine Nicole said...

omg you lucky woman you! Great shots :-)

Izumi said...

you are so lucky to see these threads of magic in person! i fell in utter love just looking a the pixels which resembled the clothes!!!

Hvit said...

This is just so beautiful, all these clothes, if 'clothes' does them justice, this is ART. The lines and shapes are just perfect- boxy but elegant and the colours... You said this feels like home to you- me too, though I'm far away from home right now.

Plus you write so eloquently, which I'm not doing right now. ;) Thank you for these pictures.

Six Six Sick said...

what an incredible collection, i love all the intricate details--you're so lucky to have gotten to seen everything up close!

Melissa said...


Mat said...

the short shirt with the denim collar and cream body is mega, never seen anything like it. i can imagine them selling something like that for me on oki ni or ln-cc

vonilicious said...

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Those little mary janes are so precious as well.