This weekend was a goth weekend. I go through these phases were I can't wear any black at all, and then my inner fashun pendulum swings swiftly to the other side and I can't wear anything except black! At this point I've just learned to ride my style's wave, bending my wardrobe to its will. I've been wearing black for over 10 years and there really is no resisting the call of the gothix!

(vintage velvet dress, thrifted gunne sax blouse gift from a friend, pamela love necklace)
Here is me making an extremely awkward face, in last night's outfit that I wore to Late Bar. Inspired heavily by Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2012 collection. Honestly, I've never been much of a D&G girl, but this collection is DIVINE. Two separate people both mistook me for a sort of religious person, offering me blessings (which took the place of catcalls, I suppose). Barking up the wrong tree on that one, folks.

I got this necklace on ebay recently and it has become a critical part of my Inner Self.

(house of matching colours dress, aa leotard, miu miu shoes, pamela love necklaces)
My HOMC dress is literally a giant piece of sheer black lace which is a VERY good thing. On Saturday I wore it to Nocturna, a really adorable all-ages goth night at the Metro. Nocturna has been running for something like 15 years, giving at least 2 generations of weird kids a safe place to dance to the Sisters of Mercy. A really special moment occurred when Scary Lady Sarah played "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron because I remember loving that song when I was 20 and wishing that I could dance to it at a bar. At 27 that mini-dream came true as I danced with my friends. Life Aspiration Unlocked!

Here's a better photo of my necklace situation. I used to believe that wearing crosses was really reductive to the sanctity of Catholicism, but lately I'm a lot more comfortable with doing so as a means to integrate my ex-faith into my identity. 


Goo Girls said...

So much beauty in this post! I'm recently getting into black myself again after almost three years of exclusively easter egg pastel dressing and I'm so excited about it. Btw I totally loled at the clergy-calling..so great

Jasmine Nicole said...

I love both dresses. You look beautiful. I am glad to know someone loves wearing black as much as I do

kristin @ high socks said...

i love both of these outfits but i am DYING FOR the second dress!

Lydia said...

OMG I am in love with the dress in that second outfit.

Ria said...

You totally look like some kind of religious official! Ugh definitely beats catcalls.

My mouth dropped at that second dress. I had to stop myself from petting the screen. It's gorgeous.

I love wearing crosses, my old friend used to give me shit about it all the time. I don't know, I was raised catholic but I totally deviated as an adult.

Tori Bonaventura said...

That first outfit is perfect. The dress, necklace, collar. Perfect.
xo, Tori

becky nos said...

I came back to look at this post twice because it is so beautiful. :) Seriously... you have the BEST style. xxx

Low Couture said...

ah, the whims and fancies of the inner fashion pendulum. the only problem i have is that sometimes im feeling inspired by the same outfit for a whole week, and it gets smelly.

love you in black

x Peter

Hvit said...

Oh wow, both outfits and dresses.

It's funny because I really really admire your gothic-ish look with the black and iconography etc etc, (you can describe better than me of course) but I can never wear it, though I try. But yeah- you have to go with the flow, see what you feel like wearing. I do once in a blue moon get black days where I did out all my black and greys and dark reds, but not often enough.

Still, or not still- 'all the more' beautiful. I adore both dresses. Both looks.

And it's nice to have a 7 year wish come true.

Magnet said...

So the first outfit makes me think of an era long go. Definitely not a bad thing, I love the shirt and the dress. I agree by the way, I'm not usually a D&G fan either, but I agree, that fall collection is soo well, almost perfect I think. I actually think a lot of D&G's recent collections have been quite nice.

I really like Ladytron, that is awesome :)

Meagan said...

pshhhhhhh you being all Dark Ghost-y. Love every time.

bronny said...


☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

that ladytron song did come out when i was 21! so it always brings back a lot of good memories of drunkenly swaying with my friends at "indie rock dance parties" until the wee hours on a school night.