souvlaki space nails

Okay, today we're going to talk about NAILS. NAILS are there for you when you are having a bad self-esteem day (because we all have them, regardless of how feminist we are). NAILS are something that everyone has, regardless of our differences between our bodies and styles. NAILS are the easiest and least stressful way to play around with your look, in a manner that is totally temporary and noncommittal. Perfect for commitmentphobes like myself! But while the nail art trend has exploded, I've avoided it because I have very small, brittle nails. No thanks to genetics! They chip and break if I'm doing something as mundane as texting on my phone. Vitamins help, but it can't change my biology.

Anyway, Last week the fine folks at CND were kind enough to give me a shellac mani, which could NOT have come at a better time because I have been stressin' out! Their no-chip nail shellac lasts two weeks and come in all sorts of *ZaNY CoLoRS~.  Admittedly, my mani began chipping about five days later, but that's because of my nail issues. In fact, my lackluster nails have dissuaded me from getting fun manicures because I figure, what's the point if my nails are just going to break? But after experiencing a well-done, interesting manicure, I kind of want to make this a regular thing!

I got space nails, because I'm still not over Christopher Kane's 2011 Resort collection and because we discovered the Higgs boson and I'd been listening to Souvlaki Space Station on repeat that day, and it all sort of made sense to have that on my NAILS. I even got a couple black holes with green and purple accretion disks for good measure. NAIL DEGRASSE TYSON RIGHT HERE.

Fun manicures don't have to be just for those with long, glamourous nails! If you're like me, and have always had problems with your nails, take vitamins (this has drastically improved my overall nail health) and don't feel like nail art isn't an option for you. Do whatever you want. #YOLO

Also, The Blush did a lil feature of my closet and you can click here to check it out ^_^


kristin @ high socks said...


Goo Girls said...

so in love with this dress

mudpie unicorn said...

I'm so gonna try the space nails out !! but I doubt that i can make it .. my nails chip like they want to make a run away - -
The dress is wonderful btw ♥

Flor Frutal said...

i need doing that! ♥