(risto jacket, meadham kirchhoff for topshop dress, chloe sevs x oc paisley tights, comme des garcons platforms, venessa arizaga necklace)

Hello, and happy Friday the 13th! Apologies for lack of posts, but Chicago, as indeed much of the continental U! S! A! has been embroiled in a wicked heat wave. A heat wave in which, yes, humans are likely directly responsible for! Isn't that delightful! And for those of us that enjoying layering, the heat is not conducive to style. Lately I've been wearing tissue-thin tops and basic skirts because OH MY GOD I OWN ZERO SUMMER CLOTHES. This outfit is from a few weeks ago when I had dinner with a friend of mine, when the temperatures were just a little more bearable. I saved it until today because it my hope that it can serve as a reminder that yes! jackets n' tights weather will come again! We can get through this together, friends.

Aaaaand annoucing the winner of my Lula magazine #14 giveaway is...Lally! Thanks to everyone who entered, I only wish I could give you all Pieces. Pieces. Pieces Of Me. You're welcome for reminding you that song exists. Maybe my next giveaway should be a DIY white tanktop that says *PUNK* on it? With rhinestones, yes?

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to extend you all a big hug because the internet has been very depressing for the past few days. Self-care is of the utmost importance. I plan on unplugging this weekend, and encourage you all to find spaces (IRL or online), where you are treated with dignity and respect. Be well, everyone. xo


bossyfemme.com said...

A+ outfit. I wish everyone would get on the pattern/layering maximalist bandwagon.

d.h.e.r. said...

We're having kind of a horrible summer in my part of Northern Europe, and while everyone is running around complaining about it, I'm secretly happy that I still get to layer on the jackets and can wear boots if I feel like it. Not too hot and not too cold is def. my favorite climate for dressing.

Fashion babel said...

your tattoo is, just, perfect!

Madeline said...

This is lovely, I love the mirror behind you too, antique?

Ria said...

Seriously can't wait for fall. I neeeeeeed to layer and stop wearing short shorts and sheer tops. When it's cold again I'll complain I want to get back to short shorts and sheer tops...but until then haha.

omg Pieces of Me...I'm ASHAMED to say I jammed to this when it came out. All my friends made fun of me...but I had just gotten a new boyfriend and I was really excited.