tchochke's? chili's? flinger's?

Getting settled into my apartment. After spending my late teens and early twenties in some serious shitslums, I am still getting used to the fact that I live in a lovely apartment that is spacious enough to decorate and acquire furniture. My latest project is decorating my home to resemble an Americana suburban chain restaurant. In other words, I've been scouring the depths of cragislist and Chicago's antique stores for weird shit to tack up onto my walls. The weirder the better! My boyfriend and I are really committed to having an apartment furnished almost entirely by secondhand things.

INTENSE EXCITEMENT!!! was purchased at the Edgewater Antique Mall and frankly, is one of the most bizarre home decor things I have ever seen. I would love to know the creative process that went into designing this thing. So many questions! Why is this trollfaced man so INTENSELY EXCITED!!!? Why is he wearing a top hat? INTENSE EXCITEMENT!!! is even more strange since we've put in the bathroom. Use your imagination.

Bambi was found at Wooly Mammoth, a taxidermy heaven in Andersonville. These old cartoony animal figurine/wall things were really popular in the 60s I think. I want to collect a bunch of them and have a Disneyish menagerie of hypercute animals.

Jesus walks! Our Savior was also found at the Edgewater Antique Mall and came with the frame. Religious iconography and Catholica are a huge part of my childhood and my love of its reverence has never left me, even if my beliefs have. And also it is incredibly fascinating to me how a single image can hold much power, especially an image of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white man. Jesus most certainly was not white, yet our culture's most enduring depiction of Him is that of our most privileged. Kind of really exemplifies the notion that whiteness is held up as our cultura ideal.

This amazing vintage vanity was salvaged for next to nothing from a going out of business sale. I LOVE THIS THING. I've divided up my treasured possessions by g0thic and cutesy, both sides of my personality that hold equal weight and measure, even if the g0thic side is the one that wins out aesthetically more often than not.

My beloved Living Dead Doll that I got from Hot Topic when I was 16 or 17. She is my style icon and has followed me everywhere from my teenage bedroom, to my mice-infested studio (which YES IT IS as terrifying as it sounds), to my first grown-up apartment that I live in today. Santa Clara candle, Jil Sander apocalypse shoes that I bought from Jane, Showerbeers zine.

Jewelry stand with some gifts from Eleven Objects, notes from my friends (luv u Morgan), my blood-stained Alexander McQueen skull scarf.

Notes and cards from friends, 24 Hour Party People flyer from when I saw it at the Music Box Theater, Teen Witch magazine, my favorite buttons. Photos of my best friend Annie that I took (on film!!!) when we were both 19. Thinking about how much I luv her makes me misty sometimes. She is a social worker with the an incredibly profound sense of social justice and desire to make the world a better place. She is my biggest inspiration in life.

Lady Sheffield, also from the Edgewater Antique Mall. I've always been enthralled by the Victorian era from both an aesthetics perspective, and a sociological perspective as the time period that was extraordinarily culturally regressive. Maybe it's the sub in me that is fascinated by restrictiveness of female sexuality. And the Victorian era seemed to exemplify that in a particularly ornate manner. Bulky hats and dresses and corsets, all designed to subdue as well as entice. I want to collect a wall full of these of Victorian lady mini-wall prints for my room.


we us our said...

Teen Witch! Was that a one-off thing, or will there be more issues? I want pinups of Ssion, dang it.

meagan said...

@we us our as far as i know, issue #1 is sold out!

Mat said...

intense excitement, not just excitement. it does ask more questions that it answers but i'm ok with that. it's weird, good find. well good table find too

Magnet said...

I love the way everything looks so far and you're so lucky to have found that vanity table, it's magnificent! Separating the 'goth' and 'cute' into sides, so organised. I agree about the Victorian era, I was watching The Tudors the other day and thinking about that. The women were so covered up all the time, yet their clothing totally enhanced their 'assets'.

julia aka garconniere said...

a blood stained alexander mcqueen scarf sounds all kind of perfect... and next to that "fuck patriarchy" note?! even better.