fade into you

Been completely wrapped up in real life lately, so many apologies for the spottiness of posts! For me, summer is a time to escape the confines of my walls, walls that I love, but walls that indeed keep me from smoothies and street fests and sidewalk brunch. So if more time goes by between posts, rest assured that it's because I am OUT!

Still, the walls that hold me require an infusion of some sort of myself, so I've hung my long dresses upon them. Mostly out of necessity, because my garment rack and closet are too low to prevent the hems from dusting the floor. But like glasses and my bangs, sometimes mundane chores born out of need grow on me, and soon I can't imagine my life without them.

(house of matching colours dress, venessa arizaga necklace, vintage dress from this ebay store)

(vintage dress, necklace from hot topic from when I was 16)

(house of matching colours dress, bat necklace gift from meadham kirchoff, risto bimbiloski petal dress)


kristin said...

that house of matching colours dress is stirring up feelings in me. wow.

Magnet said...

oh my, the floral print on that vintage dress is absolutely stunning.

Bianca said...

I hear that...summer turns me into "wat blog //floats away//" but Im trying to get better about that..

i cant believe that necklace is from HT its so on trend right now..funny how our little trinkets from our younger days have come back in style!