(rodarte x oc dress, prada glasses)
Being jaded is a terrible thing. And yet, at my tender age of 26, with my awkward missteps into adulthood and pathological yearning for those younger years that I lost, I find myself becoming cynical, like a runaway train, zooming straight past my youthful exuberance.

So for a piece of music to infect my soul the way The Soft Moon's self-titled album has done, is a rarified occasion. I mean, when I first heard this album, I was floored. I clutched my head in a frantic effort to comprehend the perfection of the sounds I was hearing. The guttural gnashing of guitars and gyroscoping synthesizers, the breathy vocals that are sparse and simple, the overwhelming attitude of terror and sickly delight. It's music that I didn't even know that I had been yearning to listen to.

It inspires me greatly. Something about The Soft Moon's cascading yet deliberate horror resonates deeply with me, as a reflection of both I view the world how when I'm feeling most contemptuous and to some extent, how perhaps we all do, how all of us have a capacity to feel very ugly things. 

So the idea behind this outfit was to capture that sort of unmitigated anger and severity of the music while containing it within the confines of retro Bauhaus shapes and colors, like the album cover which you'll see below.

 Evil Prada eyebrow glasses.

Gray, white, and black marbled vinyl. Sexiest record in my vinyl collection. I urge you all to listen to it.



love those prada sunglasses!

Sarah said...

The soft moon YESSSS. Glad to hear someone talking about them! Can't listen to them home alone at night but otherwise so interesting!

Also that record is beautiful. Looks a bit like an iris and pupil, don't you think?

China Lily

meg // morningmidnight said...

your HAIR


meagan said...

@meg obsessively watching youtube vintage hair gurus, hours of banging my fists against a wall, an army of bobby pins

Magnet said...

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the picture of you was... a futuristic bumble bee =/ probably because of the glasses. I only realised later that they had the 'evil' eyebrow shape, that's awesome! Prada has really playful accessories. I like the record cover, it's using one of my favourite fonts, Futura. Yeah this whole post, very futuristic.

Anyway, I've always been very cynical... angry and I've never felt youthful, I always feel like a 45 year old, trapped, dwelling with 18 - 22 year olds.

Celia Bow said...

You look so beautiful. I'm obsessed with those prada glasses and I wish I had a pair.They look really amazing with your hair I would love to wear my hair like that my I'm too lazy so I'll just appreciate how amazing it is on you instead.


Michele said...

Ah that dress is so cool, especially the turtleneck part. The record looks so sweet, also nice song!

Daniel said...

Please give me your sunglasses ! You're FABULOUS and do rule ! LUV $

Hvit said...

(Oh your HAIR is amazing!)

I've got that song on now, and I do feel you've captured it in the outfit, oddly, but yes. Simple, spacey. Brilliant really.

It's really odd how music can have an aesthetic, but it really can.

Kiki said...

Do you ever wear your fancy clothes outside or just playing dress up?

meagan said...

@kiki while i don't get out much, yes, i do wear my fancy clothes when i go out.

wobblinbetty said...

beyond amazing lady!


AHHHHHHH that first photo is so so so wonderful.