friendship is magic

Fashion Week! Ha! Where do I start? Well, for starters, seeing my all of my friends has been refreshing and life-affirming for all of the obvious reasons. Living so far from my beloved friends can really dampen my spirits from time to time, but reconnecting with everyone here during fashion week gives me the energy I need to plod through my days in Chicago.

Post-Ann Yee lunch with Laia and Arabelle, with conversations ranging from Lindsay Lohan to family drama. This photo was taken when the subject at hand was bronies.  FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC.

Stalking Meg at Tanya Taylor. Her collection made me want to live in the Secret Garden and sip tea and have a garden full of topiaries. Can we discuss this sorta-brocade knit? Can we discuss how much I need this crewneck sweater?

Kaelen, which I LOVED. Black lace and more inky prints and smart suiting and black + blue? YES PLEASE. 

What I wore to Concept Korea, as photographed by this gentleman. Rachel Comey coat, Rodarte x OC dress, thrifted bag, Givenchy glasses, Rodarte shoes, Americal Apparel tights. I'm scrunching up my face strangely but how is that any different from normal for me?

Kimberly Ovitz began with O-ren Ishii's diatriabe about the dangers of question her Chinese-American heritage. The whole collection was samurai-inspired and featured some fierce eyebrows which I was not able to capture with my camera. I especially loved the fringed leather and comfy furs.

My outfit for Creatures of the Wind. The presentation was so moving, so beautiful, so powerful, that it deserves its own post where I can at least try to describe its glory. Dress by/from Risto, Rodarte x OC jacket, Zana Bayne harness.

What I've really been doing in my hotel room. I don't get invited to *fashion parties* which I am totally okay with, so my nights have been spent decompressing from the day, accompanied by X-Files and delicious deli food. Why doesn't Chicago have delis?! It's simply not fair. I am going to pout forever about it.


Lydia said...

Awesome. I love your outfits, and these pieces are amazing.

Meagan said...

that looks like tons of fun. The black lace is delicious.


beautiful risto dress.

Magnet said...

So many good outfits in this post. The risto dress with the harness = pretty much perfection. I like the looks you've photographed too, some of them are lovely.


congrats on your feature @ an unknown quantity :)

C.A.R. said...

love love love!!


Marie said...

looks like a blast. that little detail shot of your glasses is to die!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

meg // morningmidnight said...

sneaky, i did not see you taking photos of me!

do you seriously not have delis/bodegas in chiago?! i don't know what i would do without the $4 sandwiches at the 24-hour one around the corner from my apartment, for real.

Justalazymorning said...

yes, you're right.Friends are magic..

meagan said...

@meg that's because i was being a creep u kno>>>

we have bodegas, but we do not have delis. no place to buy questionable groceries alongside readymade food. there's ONE place called goddess but it functions more as a cafe' with fufu yuppie stuff you can buy to cook at home.