(comme des garcons jacket, leggings and white button-down from the thrift store, givenchy glasses)

Last weekend I found myself scattered between a performance art performance involving transistor radios and capes made from CDs, and wearing a tulle headpiece amongst an apartment full of kitsch while I lip synced for my friends' music video . I really enjoy visiting the homes of others that resemble a Tchotchke's/Chili's/Flinger's, ie, campy shit all over the walls. Maybe it's because there's a kind of voyeuristic aspect to examining novel trinkets and bric-a-brac that I'm not used to seeing everyday, especially since when it comes to decorating my apartment, my worldly possessions could fit in the corner of a single room. Much of my late teens and twenties were nomadic, half by choice, half by escapist life necessity. But luckily these days I have stability enough to stay in one place! Life Achievement Unlocked.

I'm wearing my first CdG, a half-jacket I bought in NYC a couple weekends ago. I have a ton of styling ideas for this thing. Buying clothes from now on will be done so if the question "can I wear this with my half-jacket?" being answered the in the affirmative. Big black glasses and minimal makeup because I wanted to look decidedly not-sexy. And this vintage tulle headpiece, which I borrowed to film my portion of the music video. Yes, I'll post the video as soon as it is released! As long as you all promise to not make too much fun of me. 


clotheshunger said...

Whoa, are we neighbors? I live 2 blocks from that bodega.


meagan said...

@clotheshunger Nope! I was just at Reversible Eye which is like next door to that bodega.

Mat said...

i don't think anyone has ever said "can I wear this with my half-jacket?" being answered the in the affirmative" before. ace.

it's looking pretay pretay interesting

Volta Delphine said...

oh man I have been obsessed with the comme des garcons jacket! I even hacked up one of my jackets to make a really bad knock off lol

eleven. said...

that jacket is fierce as fuck.

Magnet said...

The jacket looks almost as ridiculously amazing as that headpiece. Yeah, I think the headpiece takes the cake for me at this instance hahaha. I love it, Comme des Garcons is such a good brand, the pieces that make their way out of that fashion house are... well, amazing would be an understatement. I can't wait to see this video clip, I won't make fun of you! I'm intrigued. I've actually always wanted to direct one.