lanvinnnn laaaanvin you are my cameo queen, or distance versus time cutting verses down to size

I haven't written any reviews or discussed much runway fashion lately, largely because the Spring/Summer 2012 season was tremendously...uninspiring. These days it takes something really substantial for me to draw my creative energies away from Internet Validation Of My Existence. And besides, aren't blogs supposed to be about "advertorials" and LOOK AT THIS THING I GOT FOR FREE and posts that don't even try to hide the fact that they are essentially copy? Am I breaking blog rules by writing about something that is designed in no way to put money in my pocket/further my internet fame capital/finesse relationships with brands and PR reps? Am I allowed to write about fashion on a fashion blog?!

Clearly I have a lot of pent-up feelings on the subject. But I also have feelings about Lanvin's Pre-fall 2012 collection! Good feelings, feelings of admiration for expressive design that captures two divergent aesthetics: Dancing Queen Roxy Music Ladytron, and obstinant neovictorian refineries. This is a woman who laces up her boots with the compulsion of hanging her clothes on fabric hangers (NEVER WIRE HANGERS) but lets her laces fall under a glittering disco ball and liquid courage. It's especially fascinating that dear old Elber Albaz decided to coalesce these two archetypes because so often, women are caged into one or the other. Party girl or bookworm. Social butterfly or hermit. Whore or virgin. In media and news and advertising and uh, life, it's these dicey boxes that us ladies get stuck in and see our counterparts get stuck in as well, to the detriment of being valued by society as, you know, A FULL COMPLETE PERSON. As human beings we are complex and multidimensional creatures with capacities for limitless interests and endeavors and all sorts of neat self-actualization. Lanvin's lady in this collection is so actualized that she goes to *~da partie~* in a cameo necklace and a true blue mancoat and elbow-length gloves. She's sexy on her own terms. She dances in long sleeves because she likes long sleeves but also likes to shake her bonbon. And thus, I term her the Cameo Queen.


Lydia said...

The cut on that slate blue coat is amazing.


lanvin is the best!


Reading your commentary was simply just gosh darn refreshing. Critical and humorous.. I like. Anyway onto Lanvin, Elbaz has been inching up my fav-designer meter for some time and these are just so refined and lovely. That cut and drape in the first blouse looks like it would be absolutely angelic to wear. So beautfull.


Magnet said...

The last image was my favourite, Lanvin is a bit of a hit and miss for me personally, I love some looks... feel very 'meh' towards others. I agree about the Spring collections, very uninspiring. I think the only one that really made me go 'wow' was Meadham Kirchoff. That's about it.