i wanna jump the walls and run

(emma cook cape, preen dress, super old tights, venessa arizaga necklace, alexander wang shoes)

I wore this outfit literally every day while I was in NYC last weekend, but have been enjoying it so much that I decided to take some better photos of it. The inspiration here is Graveyard Girl, and not just the song by M83, but the archetype of spookiness and whimsy and loneliness and wide-eyed wonder. It takes the severity and coolness out of wearing black and tempers it with innocence and longing. I identified immediately with this song because it taps into some part of myself that isn’t cool, has never felt cool, and to be perfectly honest, doesn’t even understand this notion of coolness to begin with. M83’s song (the youtube video is HERE, should you wish to listen to it)
was rightfully lambasted on Hipster Runoff and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s obnoxiously cheesy, but sometimes cheesiness is okay! I like this archetype specifically because it’s a sophomoric idea of “goth”. The world is a fucking shameful place sometimes and being brought to smiles, even through a pastoral song or deer appliqu├ęs on a cape, can make each day worth feeling a part of.

Some screencaps from the music video, which includes sappy things like tombstones and roses.

You may notice that I am wearing flat shoes! This is a really big deal for me. I place myself firmly on the heels side of the debate because I am short but oddly I have big feet (we're talking a 9.5-40 situation) which is probably the worst combination for flats because I end up looking like I'm wearing clown shoes. Not sure if it was the constant pain my legs are in since I've been going to Bikram Yoga everyday, or Arabelle's enabling when we were at OAK, but I've finally invested in a pair of flats FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

I have never been much of a jewelry person, but this Venessa Arizaga necklace captivated me immediately. It’s an ethereal reverie and feels like something that was found in a ghost ship under the ocean. The perfect way to introduce a little dreampop into my everyday monochrome ensembles.


Melissa said...

Still loving those bangs!! And the necklace, duh.

A La Mode said...

The most perfect flats in the world!

Allison said...

Every post you do blows me away! This outfit is fantastic. Great shoes and necklace.

Hvit said...

The Wang shoes are so, gah there isn't even a word for them. I'd never take them off if I had those, but I am a flats kinda girl. Goes with being tallish I guess, up sides and down sides whatever height you are eh?
Generally outfit genius. I just end up typing the same kinda thing on all your posts as they're all just too brilliant. I just love your style.