light from a dead star.

(risto dress as a skirt, austra t-shirt, zana bayne harness, ld tuttle for urban outfitters boots)

I'm smiling! Holy shit! Now you see why I never smile in photos! Goodbye followers!

If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you've no doubt been subjected to the heat wave that has commandeered our normally-pleasant mid-July. The heat has been absolutely brutal. Most days I just want to wear a sheer tank top and a simple skirt, but the other day I felt like wearing something slightly more interesting. I've taken to wear my dresses with a band t-shirt over it with a harness to keep everything in place.

It was only after I put this outfit together that I realized that I was wearing the exact same color scheme as Split by Lush.


i'm sorry, but your band sucks.

Just a few styling tricks I've been doing lately. 1) I cut my hair. I was really inspired by Leigh Lezark's signature severe hairstyle, and I'm really enjoying playing with my new asymmetrical cut. 2) Wearing my racerback tops backwards with a bandeau underneath to keep the girls in place. It's a lot of fun to look at a garment and think not of what it is, but what it could be. 3) Matte orange lipstick, all day, everyday.


i just want to be a unique special snowflake.

(photo by amy)

So, Refinery29 was nice enough to include me in their list of "Best and Brightest Chicago Bloggers". Me, really?! I'm that kid that got mercilessly teased in school and ate my sandwiches alone at lunch and secretely pined away about being friends with the Plastics even though they were the ones mercilessly teasing me. So something like this is a pretty big deal and truly goes a long way towards resolving my Emotionally Damaging Teenage Years. Who needs thousands of dollars worth of therapy when you can just write a blog?

If you care: I'm wearing a vest as a top and bag both from a thrift store, spike necklace from a fetish shop, AA skirt that I probably should have ironed, and Gareth Pugh shoes. I was going for a Versus Spring 2011 silhouette (drapes n' pleats, BRILLIANT), except with mall goth vibes. Because mall goth will never stop being hilarious to me.


looking up you see my spirit glow

(uo jacket, second-hand cheap monday leather shorts from a resale shop, shredded tights, john's ride t-shirt, ebay'd miu miu shoes) 

I took these photos a few weeks ago (before I cut my hair!) and never got around to posting them because I was unhappy with the quality of the images, but I decided to stop being a neurotic blog perfectionist. At least, not as much of a neurotic blog perfectionist. I wore this to go see Austra at Beauty Bar (who was outstanding, by the way) and just wanted to wear something more casual for a cool summer night. I borrowed John's Ride t-shirt which I seem to be doing a lot lately. This t-shirt is just so fucking awesome and I am so jealous that he owns it and I do not! I mean, it's the cover of Nowhere which aside from being part of the Holy Shoegaze Trifecta*, is also one of my favorite albums covers of all time and totally appeals to my love of stark places/art, and is one of the few rock albums which is generally agreed to be perfect from start to finish. If you've never listened to Nowhere, I implore you to do so as soon as possible, your heart will thank you for it.

Keeping the black n' blue theme going with my Miu Miu cat shoes. I like the idea of wearing them in a non-cutesy manner because that's the exact opposite of how everyone seems to be styling them. One thing I enjoy in my self-styling is removing the allure of ~designer objects~ and just integrating the piece into something that feels right for me.

*MBV's Loveless, Ride's Nowhere, and Slowdive's Souvlaki are typically considered to be the Holy Shoegaze Trifecta. Far from being just exemplary shoegaze albums, they are incredible rock masterpieces that have influenced countless bands in their respective legacies. Modern rock music wouldn't be the same without them.


these things that i have done

(photo by Amy)

So...uh...as you can see here, I bought Gareth Pugh shoes. It was kind of an impulse buy because lord knows the last thing I need is more shoes, but I saw these on eBay and they were super affordable and I've wanted them for years and ugh I'm totally justifying an unnecessary purchase right now. Honestly though, I haven't been able to take them off my feet since I bought them because they look SO GOOD with everything I own so I suppose I'm getting my money's worth. Plan on seeing a lot of these. They are so badass in real life - I feel like a post-apocalyptic warrior whenever I wear them. That's a good feeling, I think.


walkin' around in our summertime clothes?

Camera's in the shop so you get an iPhone photo for today. Unseasonably cool summer night meant that I could wear my new Proenza x J Brand jeans out for the first time since I got them on eBay. The first stop in this outfit was an outdoor shoegaze bbq...seriously. It was mildly disorienting to see my shoegaze friends under sunset light as opposed to shrouded in the meager glow of local bars. Shoegaze: a scene by and for ex-mall goths who are still scared of the sun.  ~*NeVeR LoSe tHaT FeeLiNG*~

And the winner of my giveaway, the new lucky owner of a brand-new copy of The Gentlewoman #2 is...Pneumonia White! Miss Pneumonia had her name pulled out of a hat, and by hat I mean it was actually a wine glass, and by glass I mean it is made of cheap plastic. You all should check out her blog! It's one of my new favorites nowadays, her style is like a fairy nun princess and I adore her intimate dairy-style writing. Stay tuned for more print giveaways coming up, I love showering my blog readers with excellent reads!