peanut gallery

Truthfully, there wasn't much at this season's New York Fashion Week that I liked. Too many misses (Alexander Wang, really? He's still " a thing"?), not enough hits. The season on the whole was a bit of let down. There were no standouts, no gasp-inducing collections, certainly nothing that had my brain preemptively concocting hare-brained schemes to obtain it (with the notable exception of the LD Tuttle x complexgeometries hoof shoes, see below). It's as if some kind of creativity-zapping virus simultaneously infected most of America's designers all at once.

That being said, there were a couple collections that did stand above the others. I do realize that my opinion would most assuredly be considered the peanut gallery (trust when I say, no one is more acutely aware of that fact than myself), and that I'm hardly qualified to provide any sort of critique about fashion...but I know what I like and what I don't.

The complexgeometries collection was a huge quantum leap forward for the brand known primarily for their easy, oversized draped t-shirts. It's really thrilling to see their progression into fleshed-out complete collections. Most notable was the experimentation with textures: happily pilled knits, suede (god, that suede coat in #4 is killer), silk chiffon, and exciting sheer metallics. The boots, created by LD Tuttle especially for this collection, are undeniably FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Platform shoes that transform the feet into veritable hooves are completely necessary. Is this the year that I work up the balls to wear thigh-high boots? All signs point to yes. Also, I am extremely pleased that complexgeometries decided to use ethnic models for this presentation - that was my biggest complaint last year. In 2011, all-white shows should not be happening.

 To be honest, I've never been much of a Rad Hourani fan. I've always felt a bit of a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction when viewing his collection; a feeling as though it has so much potential to be so much more than it actually is. This collection finally realized that potential, and least partially, and I am spectacularly thrilled with the results. The progression here is largely due to the play in textures and shapes. The leather looks as soft as silk and wraps around the body with ease, while the coats have structure and playful form. I'm especially intrigued by the fanny pack (?) referance with the rectangular fabric across the waist.


seeing red

Sorry for the lack of posts! Problems with my internet connection at my apartment which will HOPEFULLY be resolved by tomorrow. Anyway! Last Friday I had the pleasure of taking photos at the Winter Open House for Labrabbit Optics. Drink were drank, performance art was performed, little red dots appeared on the walls and people's cheeks. The shop is run by my longtime optician and dear friend Coyote, and his spectacles span the decades of vintage eyewear and thoroughly contemporary frames. If you wear glasses, his shop is basically the Hanging Gardens of eyewear boutiques. A serious must-visit for Chicagoans.

Here's some of my favorite photos from the event!

 My boyfriend <3 <3

Coyote himself, owner of this fine eyewear establishment.

Sigourney Weaver on the wall, because why the hell not?


in an another universe

Saturday night I had a photo job at Lincoln Hall for glitterguts. Lincoln Hall is one of my favorite places in Chicago to see a show and get schwasted,. The brand-new venue is beautifully lit and boasts an incredible sound system that cleanly delineates every instrument and part. Chicago will be hosting a shoegaze festival this spring and a few of the shows will be at Lincoln Hall...more about that later!

Anyway! Top and skirt are both from American Apparel. When I saw this skirt, I threw up my hands and exclaimed "fucking finally!", as I'd searching for a perfect pleated skirt for months. Expect to see lots of the skirt in the future.  I've taken to tying my button-down shirt into a knot at the midriff for an easy 90s reference and as a way to break up the solid black. Zana Bayne epaulet harness looks great with my Alexander Wang criss-cross bra, an Outnet.com score at 75% off. Cannibalized cross necklace from Forever21 and leather croc bag from a thrift store.

Shoes are by Marni and were bought for dirt cheap on eBay.


hiding out

Friday night I went to see my friend Tavi at the Hideout for her interview with Mark Bazar's Interview Show. The Interview Show is a monthly live interview with creative Chicagoans from all walks of life. I'd never heard of the event before (I live under a rock, I swear), but obviously decided to go when I heard that Tavi would be one of the featured interviewees.

It was really inspirational to hear her talk so honestly about what fashion "means", and what it doesn't mean, and how subjective the meaning of fashion really is. For some people, style is about following trends and spending lots of money on Current Season Designer Status Objects (which is fine, if you're into that. No hate!). For others though, like Tavi, myself, some friends I've been privileged to have made in the blogger world, and some creative people I admire that don't blog, style is about expressing ones thoughts or moods or creative inspirations through outfits. Fashion, I believe, should be accessible to everyone, regardless of tastes, body types, financial status, whatever, and Tavi has really brought that idea to the forefront. It's a contribution to fashion that is sorely needed. Trufax.

Archer Pruitt of The Sea and Cake also performed a few acoustic songs and my emo-loving, cardigan-with-Saddle-Creek-band-buttons-wearing 18-year-old self melted into a puddle of goo.

Also, I have lots of new followers lately, and I suspect I know where you all are coming from! Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz. Please introduce yourself in the comments, I love getting to know my readers. Tell me your name, where you're from, and one interesting fact about yourself. And link to your blog if you'd like, I will be happy to check it out! xoxo