double prada eyebrow glasses all the way

Never in a million years, never in my wildest dreams, did I think that I would ever come to own this exceedingly rare, runway-only eyewear masterpiece. 

The power of the internet, man. It's truly mindblowing sometimes. Feeling extremely DOUBLE RAINBOW.

I often can't stand fashion's culture of status material glorification. Truthfully, I feel really silly about so emotional over an object. But there is an emotional component at work here. As some of you may know, in middle school I was the victim of an assault that left me with permanent damage to my eyes. The scarring left me unable to wear contacts or ever get laser corrective surgery. I have to wear glasses every day for the rest of my life in order to see properly. The Prada eyebrow glasses represent a tiny triumph over that incredibly painful period of my adolescence. If I'm forced to wear prescription glasses, I may as well rock the most cleverly-designed spectacles in recent history. Indeed, I'm truly humbled. I will treasure these glasses for the rest of my life. Happy eyebrow'd Meagan.


soft as snow

There's something so hauntingly beautiful about Midwestern winters. Perhaps its the way the run-down industrial buildings contrast so sharply with the virginal snow. Or the way the gray skies reflect the practical austerity of its residents. It's a time of snuggling with loved ones, hibernation, catching up on books, and awaiting that first magical 50-degree day. Having lived on both sides of the country, I've come to realize that our winters are truly something special, and it shapes who we are as Midwesterners. Those of you that live in the Midwest, perhaps you know what I'm referring to.

 My new Rodarte for Repetto jazz shoes are a delight to behold and wear. A pretty incredible Gilt find at 75% off. The leather of these shoes is as soft and as delicate as the snow. My feet feel like they're walking on clouds...a welcome respite from my 5"-inch heels. The hypnotic swirls catch my eye at every occasion, and I find myself literally shoegazing whenever I wear them.


My nail polish collection is complete. With the addition of RGB's Camel, a gift from a close friend, I've finally curated my ideal selection of neutral nail colors. Each color has been selected specifically because I enjoy the way it interacts with my mostly-black wardrobe. From left to right: Khaki Vert, Black Velvet, and Particuliere by Chanel; Midnight Cami, Playa del Platinum, and Matte Topcoat by Essie; and Camel by RGB.

Here's how Camel looks on my nails. I suspect I'll be wearing it quite often!


definitions confine thoughts

 (ride: nowhere / skywave: synthstatic / the verve: a storm in heaven / thee heavenly music association: shaping the invisible / my bloody valentine: loveless / a place to bury strangers: i live my life...EP / cocteau twins: victorialand / experimental aircraft: love for the last time)

As much as I love wearing black, I'm finding myself looking for ways to incorporate other colors into my wardrobe. I have absolutely no idea where to start! So, I looked to some my favorite shoegaze album covers for inspiration because the artwork generally resembles the music: ethereal, unconstrained, flowing. Pinks and purples and blues and grays move in harmony with black to create sonic dreamscapes and lullabies. The cascading colors so easily coalesce with black -it's something I want to integrate into my own wardrobe.

I'm on a mission to find a dress or shirt in Loveless pink. Help!


whatever i do, it's never enough

(second-hand american apparel sheer mesh button down, second-hand cashmere j. crew sweater, uo skirt, spanx tights, miu miu loafers)

Dum Dum Girls and Catholic moods, intersecting lines, schoolgirl styling before I'm too old to wear it, Hot Topic rosary I've had since high school. If "Hit Me Baby One More Time"-era Britney Spears listened to The Cure. I cannot stop wearing this skirt - it's just so perfect for everything.

Close-up of midfriff styling and my ridiculous rosary.