Awww guys, thanks for the positive feedback on my previous post! Beauty pageant wave. You're too kind. As my inspiring BFF Annie always tells me, the personal is political. For me that means that style and fashion is always political!

(rodarte for opening ceremony dress, house of holland tights, dries van noten shoes, vintage fuzzy sweater)
Today, however, I am displaying an outfit I wore to a house party in Logan Square a couple week ago. I don't even remember the last time I went to house party, which either makes me sophisticated~ or pathetic, depending on how you look at it. Oh, there was karaoke at this party. My boyfriend and I sand "What Have I Done To Deserve This" by the Pet Shop Boys, which is indeed a magickal song. You're singing the song in your head now, aren't you? See?! MAGICK!

But by far the most important part of this outfit are these tights. They are ladders. My blog is called LATTERSTYLE (caps are my personal brand). Which means these tights are Titular Tights. TITULAR TIGHTS! Do you REALIZE what a major advancement this is in the field of hosiery?! "Oh boy, I'm just so tired of all these ladder-style tights..."

(rodarte x opening ceremony leather blazer, mandy coon bag, american apparel scarf)
And because I'm all about the practicality, here's how I layered up for the journey to the el station. Real Klassy Ladies like myself wear destroyed fake leather boots for the 5-block walk and carry Dries shoes in their hands. Emulate my Park Avenue cool. Become absorbed in my Gold Coast chic. I am High Fucking Society.


Chelsey - MORTUAIRE said...

Gold Coast Chic 4 life, whaaadaaaaap Walton St

Volta Delphine said...

wow that is such a gorgeous outfit! everything just drapes perfectly you look like a modern day warrior!!

meg said...

holy shit THIS DRESS


I Art Fashion said...

Latter Tights!
So cool

Magnet said...

Hahaha, nice one! That dress looks so amazing. I love the tights, I love most of the tights by house of holland, I have quite a few. Um, I just love tights in general.

Sarah Deetz said...

" I am High Fucking Society. "

Please get this printed as your personal slogan on some business cards!

Amy Creyer said...

Those tights kick ass. And with all the Rodarte and essentially couture pieces you own, it's about time you own your "high fucking society" side. You can work for the betterment of humanity during the day at your job and still love high fashion. Your indulgence of fashion is almost like embracing a dark side in order to liberate yourself from it. Plus it's all just silly stuff anyways.

Lydia said...

This outfit is amazing. I love that dress, and ladder tights!! wtf!!

Elizabeth said...

Those tights are a good pun - growing up where I did we called runs in tights ladders. "Oh, you have a ladder in your tights...better get a different pair."

Just like that. Now you actually have ladders in your tights.