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No other pop culture icon has inserted its way into my aesthetic reveries the way The X-Files has. I began watching the show as a preteen and quickly evolved into an ardent x-phile, obsessing over minutia like Cigarette Smoking Man's evil glaces and Mulder and Scully's blistering sexual tension (SHIPPER4EVER). The show's brilliant mytharc featured some of the strongest storytelling and character development on television ever. Layers upon layers of parascientific ~*mysteries*~ made the show brainfood for the discriminating nerd. I recall many classes in the eighth grade in which I spent daydreaming about the week's episode and scrawling notes and webs in order to make sense of its place in the mytharc. Ahem. Clearly you can see why I had no friends.

The X-Files was spooky, in every single sense of the word. The brief glimpses into Mulder and Scully's personal lives were always bathed in darkess (literally and figuratively), because these were characters who lived and breathed their work in the paranormal to their own eventual detriment. Themes of paranoia, distrust, and esoterica appealed to me the most, as did the show's stark and shadowy art direction. My blog's header? Yep, it's from the title screen. Because my social life has not progressed from my aforementioned eighth grader loserdom, in my spare time I collect screencaps of my favorite X-Files moments while I watch it on Netflix. Yes, the WHOLE SERIES is available on Netflix Instant. So for those of you who've never watched it before, get on it!

("One Breath", season 3)

 ("All Souls", season 5)

("Die Hand Die Verletztz", season 2)

("Dreamland II", season 6)

("Eve", season 1)

("Je Souhaite", season 7)

("Kitsunegari", season 5)

("The Postmodern Prometheus", season 5)

 ("The End", Season 5)

("The Field Where I Died", season 4)

("Triangle", season 6)


Allison said...

I love the X-files! I'm only on season 1, but I'm hooked. These screencaps are gorgeous.

isis said...

The X files!! It was one of my favorite shows growing up. I remember the episodes to most of these still.

meg // morningmidnight said...

have we talked about the angelfire.com x-files fan site i had in the seventh grade, i hope we have, because i did

there were like lime green .gifs and everything

also if you are ever at my parents' house for some reason, their wireless password is still TRUSTNO1, thanks to me....