dress-up in zana bayne

Those of you that read this blog often (it STILL weirds me out that people actually read this thing! whut) know that I'm huge fan Zana Bayne's harnesses. It's a great way to reference sexuality in my outfits without necessarily dressing ~SeXXiE*~. I've never really been one for revealing clothes, but human sexuality is one of my interests so it's natural that I'd like to display that in what I wear!

While I was in NYC, I stopped by Zana's Brooklyn studio for a quick visit to check out her new collection. Immediately upon entering her studio, I was blasted by the scent of leather. The smell is deliriously intoxicating but she mentioned that she doesn't even notice the scent anymore! After congratulating her for the work she did with Prabal Gurung's spring/summer 2011 collection, I set about to try on some pieces from her new collection.

You're getting treated to iPhone photos because I thought I lost my camera at the Standard Hotel the night before. Luckily I found it piled under my clothes at my aunt's house in Queens...

 The Arrow Harness. Impossibly intricate and delicate, but it feels very substantial and masculine when worn.

Um, say hi to my boobs? This is the Cruxus Harness in special red leather. The collar is detachable which is pretty important because this is the kind of harness that can be under a more revealing garment, like a low-cut top or backless dress. Definitely the most tradtionally S&M piece of the bunch (did you hear that, Morgan?)

The Totem Harness in patent leather. Definitely my favorite piece of the new collection, for its resemblence to an old-timey vampire ascot. Lestat would have wept at this harness. It just begs for a collared button-down, which luckily are plentiful in my closet! The waist belt can also be unclipped so the harness becomes a long necklace. Versatility is so important "in these challenging economic times".

The Snake Harness. A fabulous alternative to a wait belt, this piece would look incredible layered over a diaphanous dress to give it poise and structure. Personally, I love wearing it with seperates because that's just the kind of girl I am! But it's worth noting that Zana's harness are designed equally well when worn with a skirt, as the length is adjustable to the skirt's waistband, which you can see here. Crucial details, ya'll.

You can purchase Zana's pieces HERE. Also I'm wearing an AA sheer mesh button down, Alexander Wang bra, and $5 leather pencil skirt from THE BEST Salvation Army in Chicago. No, I will not tell you where it is.


Brandon said...

Un-obvious sexuality is SO SEXY! Zana is such a doll for putting it out there like she does and you are kind of the perfect muse.

Lydia said...

Totem harness is the coolest. So subtle and awesome.

Magnet said...

I freaking love the totem harness. I love a lot of Zana's harnesses. Sigh, I've wanted to buy one for over a year now. I still haven't found a job so doesn't seem like I'm going to get one anytime soon. So sad :( You're so lucky. aaah it would be awesome to see one of those harnesses in hot pink, well, at least I think so.

Justalazymorning said...

ok, i love you.

Six Six Sick said...

Nothing beats the smell of Zana Bayne leather! I haven't seen the snake harness yet, it looks great on you.

Claire said...

Zana Bayne's harnesses never cease to impress me! Why. Are. They. So. GOOD??
They also look insane on you! :)

wobblinbetty said...

oooh I am quite envious right now... you didn't leave empty handed from that paradise, right? :)