looking up you see my spirit glow

(uo jacket, second-hand cheap monday leather shorts from a resale shop, shredded tights, john's ride t-shirt, ebay'd miu miu shoes) 

I took these photos a few weeks ago (before I cut my hair!) and never got around to posting them because I was unhappy with the quality of the images, but I decided to stop being a neurotic blog perfectionist. At least, not as much of a neurotic blog perfectionist. I wore this to go see Austra at Beauty Bar (who was outstanding, by the way) and just wanted to wear something more casual for a cool summer night. I borrowed John's Ride t-shirt which I seem to be doing a lot lately. This t-shirt is just so fucking awesome and I am so jealous that he owns it and I do not! I mean, it's the cover of Nowhere which aside from being part of the Holy Shoegaze Trifecta*, is also one of my favorite albums covers of all time and totally appeals to my love of stark places/art, and is one of the few rock albums which is generally agreed to be perfect from start to finish. If you've never listened to Nowhere, I implore you to do so as soon as possible, your heart will thank you for it.

Keeping the black n' blue theme going with my Miu Miu cat shoes. I like the idea of wearing them in a non-cutesy manner because that's the exact opposite of how everyone seems to be styling them. One thing I enjoy in my self-styling is removing the allure of ~designer objects~ and just integrating the piece into something that feels right for me.

*MBV's Loveless, Ride's Nowhere, and Slowdive's Souvlaki are typically considered to be the Holy Shoegaze Trifecta. Far from being just exemplary shoegaze albums, they are incredible rock masterpieces that have influenced countless bands in their respective legacies. Modern rock music wouldn't be the same without them.


Kat said...

i like it. i really like how you took the unchartered of making miu miu edgier... and black ripped tights are just can't-go-wrong.

Flow Disruption said...

This outfit is perfection! The shot of blue is brilliant and I love how you wore the Miu Miu shoes in a "non cutesy manner". ;) I can relate to bein' a blog perfectionist. I've reposted a few too many outfits on account of how much I hate the photos. Ugh. The quality of your photos look great to me, though. :)

hannah said...

shoegaze love! yr outfit is so effortlessly awesome, I regret throwing out most of my ripped black tights recently. & I'm desperate to find those cat Miu Mius, I almost want to break down & get knockoffs.

Isabel said...

This outfit is AMAZE. I really have a hard-on for your glasses.

Cristina Suspiria said...

absolutely lovely shoes!