GIRLYGAZE: a latterstyle mix

I apologize for that  unannounced absence! I was a bit busy dealing with very IRL things that have temporarily zapped my creative energies and enthusiasm for "posting outfits on the internet." Sometimes a quick break is helpful to refresh the brain. And while I don't have anything fashion-related today, I do have something very special for you all. I've been meaning for some time to post more music content, my dear readers, because truthfully I am a music nerd before I'm a fashion nerd.

This mix, entitled GIRYGAZE, is a collection of shoegaze-ish songs all from bands that contain a lady. One reason I love shoegaze so much is because it is a genre that, when compared to others, seems to eschew the whole "girls can't rock" thing, both when the movement first started in the late 80s and in the resurgence of shoegaze bands today. One could argue that this is because shoegaze tends to sounds more "feminine"; dreamy, swirly pink noise lends itself quite well to whispered lady vocals. And that would be a fair assesment. But it is also worth noting that Rachel Goswell from Slowdive sang less songs than Neil Halstead, Debbie Gooch from My Bloody Valentine and Lorelei Meetze from Film School play bass and don't sing at all, and the Dum Dum Girls are an all-female band. So while the music style (like most forms of rock music) isn't completely egalitarian, it's certainly a lot more inclusive than most, without touting their female band members in a tokenist way (however, the blantant objectification of Miki Berenyi in Lush was an unfortunate exception).

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this mix. Let me know what you think!

Note: I realize Ladytron isn't a shoegaze band, but their one shoegazey song is better than some bands' entire discographies. Thus, its inclusion.

click here to download.

1. blackout - lush - split
2. there is a light that never goes out - dum dum girls - he gets me high ep
3. dust devil - school of seven bells - disconnect from desire
4. lectric - film school - hideout
5. souvlaki space station - slowdive - souvlaki
6. the absolute elsewhere - thee heavenly music association - shaping the invisible
7. spring and by summer fall - blonde redhead - 23
8. love fade - tamaryn - the waves
9. drive it all over me - my bloody valentine - you made me realize ep
10. pack you up - black tambourine - s/t
11. white light generator - ladytron - witching hour
12. musette and drums - cocteau twins - head over heels



John Henry Eden said...

Curious to see how this flows with the Ladytron track, thanks! Have always wanted to make a shoegaze mix but I've never been brave/dedicated enough. Just might now...

Tavi said...

i can't wait to listen! <3

Isabel said...

Listening right now :)

Amy Creyer said...

Witching Hour by Ladytron is one of my beloved songs, because I listened to the namesake album often after I broke off my engagement. That song in particular spoke to me and I found solace in the lyrics, which is unusual because I tend to prefer music without lyrics.

I like this new inclusion. I've been slowly branching out to include more facets of myself on my blog too. I think it's easy for us to restrict ourselves to only writing about XYZ, but really the wonderful thing about blogs is that there are no absolute rules, only self-made ones.

meg // morningmidnight said...

drive it all over me is probably my favourite mbv song. you should've put some stuff by the sundays on here as well!!

this is great!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how you could have left out bands like Curve and The Black Ryder.

meagan said...

@anonymous: pretty easily considering I don't like either of those bands. I don't understand why the shoegaze community "expects" other shoegazers to like all shoegaze bands, even the ones that suck. for example, the daysleepers are awful. there, I said it.

Sarah Deetz said...

YAY! Only just got round to downloading this, but I shall be giving you my two cents once I've had a play through. You shall educate me oh wise shoegaze master <3

Kat said...

This is great, thanks Meagan!