now that's just how shit goes in the struggle.

I get asked a lot of questions about my thrifting and ebay hustle. It's true, I have gotten some incredible deals on designer things (god, I hate saying the term "designer things". ~*~*~A SHOE/GARMENT/OBJECT IS ONLY IMPORTANT WHEN IT'S DESIGNER*~*~, uhhh excuse me while I projectile vomit in your general direction.) that once retailed for stupid amounts of money. I am not in possession of stupid amounts of money. Therefore, I've developed by necessity some pretty good skills with regards to buying stuff for way cheap.

I'd estimate that about 85% of my wardrobe is secondhand. I rarely buy anything new, and even more rarely buy anything new that isn't heavily discounted. I simply don't have the money for it. Most people don't. Money is always a really uncomfortable subject to talk about, but let's have that discussion! Let's talk about how ridiculous it is that Alexander Wang charges $300 for basic cotton tank tops that are made in China. Or how jacked-up retail pricing is extremely classist. And since white people tend to be of higher socioeconomic status, how it is racist as well.

I derive a bit of glee in subverting some of the more evil parts of the fashion industry. And today, I'm going to share (some of) my secrets with you.

eBay requires patience and discipline. It's much like watching a plant grow. Nevermind the fact that I have killed every single plant I've ever had! Even brown thumbs can partake in the fashion Eden that is eBay.

-Everything pops up on eBay at some point. You just have to wait long enough. On eBay, I've seen several pairs of triple-lace Ann D boots, Miu Miu cat collars, Mcqueen show pieces, current-season Christopher Kane space-print stuff, and that's how I eventually got my Prada eyebrow glasses. If there's a particular thing you've been lusting after for a long time, be sure to check eBay daily to see if someone has listed it.

-Sometimes the thing you want may not be in the colorway or exact style you were hoping for. Make mental sacrifices or take it to a tailor/cobbler. Or DIY it or something. It's not the end of the world.

-When it comes to shoes, don't buy them unless you know they will fit you perfectly. They could be the the most cat-printed, crystal-studded, highest platforming shoes ever, but if they're even half a size too small, you will never wear them. I can promise you.

-Rich ladies often clean out their closets to make room for even more highly expensive things. Must be nice, right? You can often tell if it's that kind of seller by viewing all of their listings at once. Because they are rich, money is of no consequence to them and they will list stuff at very low prices. TAKE ADVANTAGE.

-Place your bid within the last 50 seconds of the auction close. It's very hard to be outbid with so little time remaining on the clock. It can happen, of course, but this method makes losing a little less likely.

-Along those lines, it's very common for the price to double in the last 2 minutes of the auction. Don't bid more than you can afford just because the clock is ticking down. Fight the adrenaline. That item or something similar will be listed again one day.

-Bid in odd amounts. Never bid with number that ends in 0 or 5. I have the best luck by bidding with a number ending in 7.

-Know your sizes! I can't stress this enough. Often times, shoes and clothes will be listed in international sizes, so be aware of what your different sizes are. Brands very between sizing so much that it can be impossible to keep track sometimes. Be That Person and go to Nordstrom or Barney's to try on designer stuff to find out what your size is, so there's no question when you're bidding on eBay.


-Thrift stores in rich neighborhoods. Thrift stores in rich neighborhoods. Thrift stores in rich neighborhoods. That is all you need to know.

-Oh, and avoid polyester. Unless you like wearing it, don't buy anything made of polyester because it will sit in your closet forever.

Good luck guys! So tell me: what's the best thing in your closet that you bought from eBay or thrifting?


brodie said...

SUCH A GOOD POST! I've not had much eBay designer luck, but I did find a gem in a thrift store and, like an idiot, decided I didn't need to spend $13 on late-90s Miu Miu stilettos that fit my enormous feet perfectly. BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT.

I like to tell this story often so that other people can reinforce how stupid this decision was. Despite the shoes being ugly and very "season 1 of SATC"...$12 miu mius.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

very good tips for buying on ebay! i've never dares to get anything there, because i don't have the patiente and i think i kind of suck at bidding- but anyway, maybe i'll try soon!

meg // morningmidnight said...

this is GREAT, i need to ebay more, seriously. i think that living in nyc i think that since everything is available in stores here (at offensive prices) i forget how much stuff i can actually find on the internet...

isis said...

completely agree, i've gotten some amazing deals from ebay. i will go so far as to check every single day when i reallllly want something, that's probably just my o.c.d. side.

Maureen said...

the only "designer thing" I have ever thrifted was a dooney and burke carpet bag... for $5 at my neighbor's garage sale... but I have always been wary of ebay, maybe now i will try it.

Flower said...

My best ebay find was a pair of Pom D' Api number boots. Absolutly adoarble and i wore them non stop. I love your blog and are following you. Wanna follow me back?

Flower said...

The best thing I have ever brought on ebay- a pait of adorable pom dapi number boots.
love ur blog, am following. Please follow me back if u like mine!
Flower, x.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! My best charity shop (thrifting?? Im from the U.K)find was just last week when i found a sheer, long black skirt from Moschino for just £2.99.Lovely