if you're a foot/shoe fetishist, you will probably love this post

(marni via ebay with uo socks , comme des garcons via ebay with uo socks, thrifted acne pumps with aa mesh tights,  rodarte x repetto oxfords with aa tights and a really stupid teen vogue jump)

A bit (a lot?) of narcissistic quick post, I'm aware! But I had a rare moment of free time and decided to figure out some ways to wear my summer shoes before summer actually comes. Transitional footwear, I suppose.  

I found these blue suede Acne pumps at a thrift store a few weeks ago for dirt cheap. They aren't in perfect condition, but mostly I'm just happy to give them a good home. You never know what you're going to find when you go thrifting! 90% of the time I leave empty-handed, but that 10% when I find something incredible makes the 90% so worth it. I can't really stress the stylistic/ethical/environmental/economic value of thrifting and secondhand shopping enough.



why narcissistic?
girl, you are totally fine, stop criticizing yrslf ;)

meagan said...

@the divinitus i am always waaay too hard on myself, i guess it's better to be self-aware than have an inflated ego!

Kat said...

hardly narcissistic. actually pretty amazing.

my favorite is definitely the marbled oxfords. they're oxfords and they're gray. so i automatically adore them.

but anyway, not narcissistic at all. and it was a little odd i guess, 'coming out' on my blog. it's a big key to my identity and i'm super open about it in real life.. i don't know. but happy i did it regardless. :)

Mat said...

i'm not sure how you manage to get all these things so cheap on ebay, i have never managed to win anything remotely designer-like. everything has always shot up to unattainable amounts

Arabelle said...

you have such good ebay game!!! also i am jealous of your teen vogue jump, i am really bad at jumpingin photos it's really sad.

the last time i was in housing works i foud some prada pumps from the fairytale collection for $60, it hurt my soul to leave them there but they were in super shitty condition. :( sigh. you have better luck though.

Þórhildur Ásgeirsdóttir said...

Wow, wow, wow! I never end up with that cute finds on Ebay!! I especially love the Rodarte oxfords. Your Teenvogu jump made me laugh.


Amy said...

You are the master of thrifted designer shopping. Teach me, oh guru, for I am your grasshopper!