it's always christmas on my head

Amy was nice enough to take this photo of me, and equally nice enough to write nice things about me, so I though that sharing this photo with you all would be, well,...nice. Ahem. Thanks Amy!

This outfit has lately been a kind of uniform of sorts - just "edgy" enough that passerby wouldn't mistake me for a trixie, yet warm enough to get through Chicago's annual Sort-Of Spring. By Sort-Of Spring, I mean that it's 35 degrees and rainy until well into the middle of May. Uniqlo coat via ebay, thrifted Karl Lagerfeld x H&M jacket, American Apparel blue blouse, thrifted black blouse, thrifted leggings, Comme des Garcons shoes also from ebay, thrifted bag, Zana Bayne harness, MAC lipstick in Cyber. This lipstick, being called Cyber and all, makes me think of AOL and how the internet was this new cool exciting thing back in, uh, 1998. Suddenly, people didn't have to have long-distance sex over the phone, because a 56K modem meant that for the first time, you could see boobs in *real time*...nevermind the fact that in 1998, *real time* meant that your photo still took 30 minutes to load. But, uh, how would I know such things?! In 1998, I was using AOL just to chat with my cool older friend in middle school who was seductively Wiccan and had a pentacle as her IM avatar (rebelling against my Catholic upbringing, let me tell you.) By the time I was old enough to send boob photos over the internet (OH SHUT UP, LIKE YOU'VE NEVER DONE IT. TO THE LEFT!), broadband was already commonplace and AOL was more like LOL and only old people still thought that you needed AOL to access the magicalunicorninternetland.

Also, for those of you that know anything about hair, SOS PLEASE SEND HELP. My naturally thin hair has gotten so long that it literally has the consistency of Christmas tinsel on my head. It. Does. Nothing. At this point I'm tempted to chop it all off again but I know that the minute I see those hard-earned locks hit the ground, I'll turn into Angelina Jolie from The Changeling. "MY BAAAABBBYYYYY!!!"


wobblinbetty said...

supernice :)
really, this is a gorgeous outfit and that's so cool that you have a zana piece in you daily uniform!!
dunno about hair..I'm trying to recover mine from years of bleaching and crazy colors and I'm taking some pills that are suppose to help...and actually they do, maybe you should try something like that! but don't cut it, long hair suits you! xxx

Mat said...

i never received any boobs in 1998, what's happening. i remember getting the internet when i was about 13 and you had to wait hours are you would prob only see like 4 boobs. man connections were slow. i also had to put money in a jar when i had finished. that now makes it sound creepy when i write that after the boob thing but hey.

i really like short hair actually. must be easier too. look ace as always

clotheshunger said...

if you're looking for a stylist, i do hair in boystown if you'd like to visit me. i'm a big fan of chopping hair off, lol. email me if you want. mspinn85@gmail.com


Box Moon Babble said...

Great outfit, I'm a huge fan of beautiful leather pieces so your harness is to die for. Beautiful picture as well, Amy is great!



readysetfashion said...

zana's harnesses always look so darn good. nice piece.

98 was the last year i could afford to live in wicker park. 1000 for a duplex, for real. i remember watching fashion shows via firstlook.com (before style.com) and one show took close to an hour to flip through. but it was so worth it.

meg // morningmidnight said...

obsessed with that pop of cobalt blue from the shirt!!!

i love mac cyber but for some reason it looks fucking awful on me, i think i can't pull off the purple tones or something... i usually wear film noir which is kind of similar but more of a brown base.

Brandon said...

You are lovingly subversive. A bit of Zana Bayne harnessing and some Comme granny shoes always keeps the doctors at bay.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So amazing. x hivenn

GIAA said...

Great look!! That coat is just AMAZING!




Fabliha said...

I love your harness + the total look :)

Cristina Suspiria said...

awesome blog, love your glasses here



isis said...

LOVE zana bayne. you styled it perfectly with the sheer and the blue♥