zero waste/wing

(ebay'd harputs swacket, ideeen nyc blouse, thrifted sheer oversized blouse, thrifted bag, thrifted shiny leggings, ebay'd ann d boots)

Wore this to the Zero Waste fashion exhibit at Columbia College...yes, believe it or not, Chicago can haz thought-provoking fashion shows. Zero Waste presents the idea that fashion is not about seasons! and trends!, but is rather about timeless design that needn't lose its beauty with the changing months. Thus, I chose to wear an outfit comprised almost completely of second-hand garments. The exhibit addresses some of the problems inherent with fashion today (arbitrary cyclical trends, impossible beauty standards, the idea of "fast fashion", the ways in which fashion is privileged) that it really deserves it own well thought-out post. I'll write this post as soon as I am able (life has been quite busy) because the exhibit really deserves a quiet time reflect on its meaning. Soon.


Mat said...

sounds pretty good, i agree with this. as i get older i look less at trends(i still know what's happening ect just don't buy into stuff as much). so yeah, look forward to seeing more.

you look pretty damn ace as always

jennifer said...

I wish I knew hot to dress

Amy Creyer said...

Ebay rules.

I need to get me some Ann Demeulemeester kicks ASAP.

wobblinbetty said...

totally agree with you on the femal tats issue! it is the same even if you are not a model and have a different job but I don't care and I am actually planning more tattoos :)

I'm so with you on the clothes recycling, loving your outfit here and crushing over the ann d. boots, hawt! I wish I had more time to do outfit posts myself but my avarage day is always a busy rushing mess :D

Anonymous said...

Outfit posts are good,like the young of today be saying, it is all good.

Fabliha said...

I love this outfit.. your boots are incredible