carven out a spot in my heart heyo!

I've been feeling a bit of dissonance with my style lately. I find myself gravitating more towards bookish, nerdy cuts and silhouettes, probably because I am bookish and nerdy at heart. Yet I still can't give up the monochrome draped garments in my closet that provide a sort of shield against the normality that I fiercely loathe. I've been wondering, how do I reconcile my desire to wear prints, plaid, and pleats with my go-to spooky gothy wardrobe?

Quite easily, it turns out. Carven's Fall 2011 collection bridges these subcultural gaps easily and effortlessly, in a  refined gesture towards blurring the lines of style genres. Nerdy? Check. Fashion goth? Check. Office wear? Yup, that's there too. Basically, this entire collection is exactly representational of my style (and life) - the peripheral awkward kid who sits alone at lunch, but secretly wants to hang out with the cool "alternative" bunch. It's very refreshing to know that I needn't pigeonhole myself into one style genre - I am free to explore all sides of my personality through what I wear.

Suffice it to say, I want almost every single piece in this collection.

Full skirt with deep pleats and severe jacket pockets elevate this look into aspirational nerd-girl wear.

Black and blue! Platform loafers! It's like Carven put me to sleep, went into my dreams, and extracted my style just like in Inception.
 THIS FUCKING OUTFIT. If anything was made for me, this would be it. Definitely on my must-have list for fall. For my entire life, really. The combination of the asymmetrical draped tee and the deep blue structured skirt is just TOO PERFECT. A brilliant pairing of avant-garde with avant-nerd.

A Vivienne Westwood-inspired print with a Rodarte Spring 2011 silhouette, all good things in my opinion, combine to create a standout dress.

Draped tops and simple skirts ALL AUTUMN LONG.


Cool-girl party wear that fulfills my need to go to goth bars and sway haphazardly to The Cure. Or whichever of the same 20 songs that tends to be played at such places. A typical goth bar playlist includes Blue Monday (the version by Orgy), Dominion/Mother Russia, the incredibly misogynistic This Shit Will Fuck You Up, and that awful EBM remix of Send Me an Angel.


Lillian said...

I especially love the first one, I'm kind of in love with 50's librarian looks mixed with something a little spooky.

Annie said...

Add a little military/utilitarian inspired stuffs and this is my ideal, too.

Jessie said...

Agreed! It's too good!

wobblinbetty said...

I really like the last two, very up my alley!!

goodbadnfab said...

Your post is simply amazing! Loves it! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

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Genevieve said...

I love the orange shirt/top! And the red skirt in the picture below it!

wobblinbetty said...

oh yes they are so fantastic!! <3
I'm very tempted also by the newest collection which is more elaborate, but maybe the harnesses that I still prefer are the most basic ones...what do you think? xxx

Fashion is me said...

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nicolette said...

the accordion collar is just.. unff.