20/20 in 2012

A category that is often sadly overlooked, yet is immensely important to those unfortunate souls as myself who must wear them everyday, is eyewear. I am a firm believer that eyewear should be one of the most important considerations a four-eyed person can make. After all, glasses are worn every single day on the most visible part of your body. They should be as obscenely excellent as possible. Think of glasses as facial decorations. Um, I mean...uh, yeah. Erasing that unfortunate mental entendre from my brain now. But if that's your thing...! That's cool I guess!

Anyway! Let's take a look (herp derp see what I did there) at those designers who made glasses that did not suck. Note that not that many designers sent eyewear down the runway to begin with. The bespectacled: always ignored, #foreveralone, sad panda, etc.


Prada has been a serious roll with their eyewear lately. Not that they were ever off the roll to begin with. Is that the proper way to diametrically oppose that first statement? Do I care? With last year's not-commercially-produced bitchface eyebrow glasses to this spring's next-level baroque madness, they have been one of the few designers putting serious thought into creating interesting eyewear. For fall, they have continued their trend of creating glasses that are big enough to have their own orbiting celestial bodies. These science lab glasses in autumn-y colors consume a good 33.33% of your entire face. Their sheer size is balanced by medium-tinted lenses that are just transparent enough. The kind of nerdwear that you could rock on the subway train if you wanted no one to speak to you. Which is not a bad thing, considering the unacceptable things that creeps like to say to women on mass transit. PS: if you are interested in fighting against sexual harassement in public spaces, please visit Hollaback! for more information. We DON'T have to put up with it.

Miu Miu

Miuccia, again, though we really surprised? The grandmother of cat-lady fashion brings us more awkward stuff for your eyes. These glasses are oddly flattering, considering the choice of an unusual trapezoidal frame. The sharp, slanted edges really highlight the cheekbones while the arched brow makes up for the fact that the frame hide your real actual brows. The old-timey hardware prevents the glasses from looking like something you'd buy as a joke at Spencer's, and instead classes them up with some old-school sensibility. Humor and refinement in one pair of glasses? The styling possibilities are endless with these. 


But by far the biggest winners of the eyewear this season is Givenchy. These glasses are MAJOR. I am extremely reticent to use that word because everyone and their mom and cousin and puppy says it to describe something that oftentimes, well, isn't. BUT THESE GLASSES! They are the ultimate cat-eyes because they contain actual perching cats. The idea of lounging animals on the arms of glasses seems so blatantly obvious, but Givenchy is the first to do it. I mean, the arms of glasses are uncharted territory, ripe with possibilities for other perching objects. Take note, eyewear designers! The purple, velvet, and yellow frames are all so pleasing on the face, but that yellow color is especially killer. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am actively concocting various harebrained schemes to obtain these in the fall.


Annie said...

I LOVE the second pair by Miu Miu. So good.

Annie said...

I LOVE the second pair by Miu Miu. so good.

Melissa said...

Yes!!! Four eyes forever, because gals in givenchy glasses ALWAYS get passes.

John Henry Eden said...

Felt that this was appropriate

Kat said...

gah, they're all so... awesome? i can't think of a better word. i only need my glasses occasionally (but will admit to wearing them when it looks better with an outfit) but i can definitely appreciate these. hell i'd even love to wear them all the time, no matter how... large or furry... they may be!

(re: your comment) oh, it's my pleasure. i know i was fairly brief but i only suggest followers to follow my favorite blogs. and you're one of my favorites. i really do love what you have to say and write. i'm happy it made you feel good, and sorry that you are in a place where you needed it, but i'm glad you know there are people who completely appreciate what you do :)

wobblinbetty said...

omg so many fab ones!
I am one of those person that grew up without glasses but now should start wearing them cause I am becoming slightly shortsighted (especially when it's dark and stuff like that)...and these pairs you posted definitely encourage me to go for them :D

Allison said...

Ahh! I don't need glasses but I would happily swap any of the lenses out for sunglasses... and maybe a cat hat while we're at it...

Fashion is me said...

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Cassidy said...

Those Miu Miu glasses are divine!