hiding out

Friday night I went to see my friend Tavi at the Hideout for her interview with Mark Bazar's Interview Show. The Interview Show is a monthly live interview with creative Chicagoans from all walks of life. I'd never heard of the event before (I live under a rock, I swear), but obviously decided to go when I heard that Tavi would be one of the featured interviewees.

It was really inspirational to hear her talk so honestly about what fashion "means", and what it doesn't mean, and how subjective the meaning of fashion really is. For some people, style is about following trends and spending lots of money on Current Season Designer Status Objects (which is fine, if you're into that. No hate!). For others though, like Tavi, myself, some friends I've been privileged to have made in the blogger world, and some creative people I admire that don't blog, style is about expressing ones thoughts or moods or creative inspirations through outfits. Fashion, I believe, should be accessible to everyone, regardless of tastes, body types, financial status, whatever, and Tavi has really brought that idea to the forefront. It's a contribution to fashion that is sorely needed. Trufax.

Archer Pruitt of The Sea and Cake also performed a few acoustic songs and my emo-loving, cardigan-with-Saddle-Creek-band-buttons-wearing 18-year-old self melted into a puddle of goo.

Also, I have lots of new followers lately, and I suspect I know where you all are coming from! Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz. Please introduce yourself in the comments, I love getting to know my readers. Tell me your name, where you're from, and one interesting fact about yourself. And link to your blog if you'd like, I will be happy to check it out! xoxo


Lois Farrow said...

Hi! I'm Eleanor from Auckland, New Zealand, and I sure am glad Tavi mentioned you.
I write about fashion for Auckland Uni's student magazine (interesting fact).
I'm looking forward to trawling through your archives...

Taj said...

Hello! My name is Taj I was born in Madison,Wisconsin but I now live Atlanta, Georgia and 1 interesting fact about me is that I love Animal Collective (the band)(BONUSFAXX!!!!! My favourite color is green. Deep, dark green.)

clotheshunger said...

damn, i wanted to go to this!! sadly, i was in nashville. tavi's great though.

but anyway, i'm meghan. i'm pretty new to the blogging world. i've been hunting for cool chicago bloggers (or cool bloggers in general) and i came across your blog through amy/chicago street style. i guess my interesting fact is that i used to be a major tomboy and now i'm a girly fashion loving hair stylist. i still act like a dude though. check my blog out too! http://clotheshunger.blogspot.com