whatever i do, it's never enough

(second-hand american apparel sheer mesh button down, second-hand cashmere j. crew sweater, uo skirt, spanx tights, miu miu loafers)

Dum Dum Girls and Catholic moods, intersecting lines, schoolgirl styling before I'm too old to wear it, Hot Topic rosary I've had since high school. If "Hit Me Baby One More Time"-era Britney Spears listened to The Cure. I cannot stop wearing this skirt - it's just so perfect for everything.

Close-up of midfriff styling and my ridiculous rosary.


Cara said...

That skirt is extremely lovely <3.

And if this doesn't sound overly creepy (which it does..), I really love the shape of your lips.

meagan said...

haha thanks i guess? no one's ever complimented the shape of my lips before.

meg // morningmidnight said...

love that skirt so much... whole look is very proenza!

Amy said...

I bought the same skirt from UO! I adore its similarity to the purple and blue paint-splattered Proenza Schouler for J Brand. I actually prefer the grid-like precision of this piece over the swirly madness of the Proenza jeans.