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 (ride: nowhere / skywave: synthstatic / the verve: a storm in heaven / thee heavenly music association: shaping the invisible / my bloody valentine: loveless / a place to bury strangers: i live my life...EP / cocteau twins: victorialand / experimental aircraft: love for the last time)

As much as I love wearing black, I'm finding myself looking for ways to incorporate other colors into my wardrobe. I have absolutely no idea where to start! So, I looked to some my favorite shoegaze album covers for inspiration because the artwork generally resembles the music: ethereal, unconstrained, flowing. Pinks and purples and blues and grays move in harmony with black to create sonic dreamscapes and lullabies. The cascading colors so easily coalesce with black -it's something I want to integrate into my own wardrobe.

I'm on a mission to find a dress or shirt in Loveless pink. Help!


Kat said...

i understand; my favorite colours are gray, white, and navy. so what i try to do is use more colourful accessories. <3

Ross C. said...

Souvlaki is missing.

Riot Nrrd said...

This is a really really beautiful post. It makes me feel... so at peace. Mmmmmm. :)
I must also compliment you on your glasses! They are utterly fantastic.

Anonymous said...

no slowdive??

meagan said...

slowdive's album covers were boring.