don't take my picture

Wearing a variation of my uniform for the past few weeks. Too-small thrifted AA sheer mesh button down (I should really buy it in my actual size), Marc Jacobs necklace, Zana Bayne harness, etc.

I despise having my photo taken in public, especially in nightclubs...blame it on my crippling social anxiety.

photo by debonair social club



A few days ago, before Black Friday, I awoke to find a 50% off coupon from Borders in my inbox. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to purchase the book that I've coveted for quite some time - the resissue of Helmut Newton Sumo.

I am extraordinarily thrilled to own this book. No other artist has had more influence on my photography - specifically his more glamorous, slightly exploitative erotic works. While many feminist would argue that his nudes were plainly objectifying (and that would be a fair assessment, I suppose), I think that his nudes functioned to temper glamor with something relatable - sex. The problem with many erotic images is that the woman appears to a puppet for the desire of the male gaze - never so with Newton's work. The nude women that Newton presented were strong, sculptural, and in control of their sexuality.

Wearing Essie in Playa Del Platinum + Essie Matte Topcoat. It looks grey in this photo, in real life it's an off-white color, similar to the color of soymilk.


billions and billions

I wore this to go see my boyfriend guest drum for our friends' band Unicyle Loves You (CLICK THROUGH AND WATCH THE VIDEO, SERIOUSLY) at Schuba's Tavern. I'm feeling more Proenza inspiration, obviously. I think the Fall 2010 collection sunk into my consciousness a lot more than I had originally given it credit for. The dress is from Urban Outfitters, and I got it for way cheap when the sale items went on sale.

Originally, the plan was to wear the dress with my creepers, but that felt a bit too obvious. So I wore the dress with my still-fairly-obvious-but-not-quite-as-obvious thrifted heeled oxfords.

The print on the dress is so artfully inelegant.

And because I'm all about realism, here's the pragmatic autumn version. This jacket was also purchased at Urban, also on sale. I really enjoy being able to play with the hemlines via the zippered panels. I wore it partially undone to let a bit more of the glorious print peek through. I also threw on my harness to create further disjointed, dangly bits. Also, I should have ironed the jacket before I took these photos, but whatever. I spent all night at a sold-out rock show, my clothes aren't going to look perfect afterwards! I wear my clothes in every practical sense of the word.


that rapey calvin klein ad

So I am sure that many of you by now have heard that the government of Australia has banned this Calvin Klein ad, citing its suggestion to sexual violence.

As a sex-positive feminist, it takes a lot to offend me. I don't have a problem with using sex to sell products because SEX IS AWESOME! and it is something that all humans can relate to. I do, however, have a problem when glorified sexualized violence is selling a product.

Let me back up for a minute. Consensual, safe abuse during sex and getting gang-banged are solely up to the discretion of the individual(s), and I don't believe in judging other people's fetishes (as long as they don't infringe on someone else's sexual freedom). There's plenty of women who enjoy having consensual sex with multiple partners at once, and there is nothing wrong with that . This image is depicting a ~*fashionable*~ Lara Stone, presumably involved in a gang bang, except the subtext is that of violence. She does not appear to be in the throes of passion. With her hair being pulled and a decidedly unglamorous look on her face, the underlying message seems to suggest a total lack of consent on the part of Lara's photo character.

That's why this image is problematic. Any sexual activity, no matter how kinky or raunchy it is, should always be predicated on the notion of willing and enthusiastic participation on behalf of all parties involved. This photo does not present any such avidity from Lara Stone and thus crosses the line into glamorization of sexual violence.

I like Calvin Klein and I adore Lara Stone, but this is absolutely indefensible. Rape culture doesn't exist? Um, okay.


segments and lines and infinity

3-dimensional tesseract projection/ comme des garcons spring 2010/ sol lewitt/ anl&lf straight blue line/ hannah marshall fall 2010

 Really into horizontal and vertical lines lately, as well as the disorienting music of All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors.


i normally don't do covet posts...

...but Opening Ceremony's fall collection is KILLING IT. I love the 90's silhouettes, the dark colors, and the abundance of sharp lines and awkward textures.

This dress is very obviously inspired by Gareth Pugh and would make the perfect winter layering piece.Oh, the possibilities are endless.

This dress literally made me exclaim with delight. Pleats, structured bodice, peter pan collar, and black & blue hazy print...yes folks, this dress was made for me. The print is so reminiscent of Prada Fall 2010's dreamy plaids, except in a more modern updated style. I would wear this dress with ripped sheer tights and my psychobilly creepers. Sigh. In my dreams.

This dress is absolutely adorable and satisfies my desire to wear lots of lines.

 The blouse version is equally appealing, and presents endless layering opportunities via the unbuttoned collar and sheer texture.


paint's peeling off

(thrifted dolce & gabbana jacket, aa mesh blouse, ebay'd risto bimbiloski lava skirt, ebay'd marc jacobs necklace, zana bayne harness)

eBay, where dreams really come true. My Marc Jacobs necklace and new Risto Bimbiloski skirt are both recent acquisitions, both for prices so low I could honestly spend more on similar items from H&M. Risto is one of my favorite new designers and I am delighted to own one of his beautiful digital printed pieces. Unfortunately the skirt is a little small on me...so back it eBay it may go. Sadface. That's the chance you take with eBay sometimes.

I've been slowly moving away from diaphanous black garments in favor of stricter, figure-flattering tailoring. I have curves and I want to celebrate my shapely body with clothes that lay perfectly against it. I'm heavily attracted to lines in visual art, and I'd like to incorporate that more into my style (thus, the X-shape of the harness). My Dolce & Gabbana jacket (which is my best find from a thrift store EVER) is tailored with my exact measurements in mind - from the squared shoulders, to the perfect sleeves, to the lovely flared waistline. I didn't even take it to be altered, it fits me perfectly right off the rack! Pretty sure this jacket and I were soulmates in a previous life.

So obsessed with this necklace...

...and so thrilled with the fall weather, when I can wear my beloved orange eyeshadow. It's an autumn staple for me each year. MAC Matte Eyeshadow in Rule.


all i ever wanted/needed

I'm often asked what inspires my style. Runway looks? Occasionally. Models off-duty? Never. Other bloggers? Why, certainly. But nothing influences me more (I am SO SORRY for how pretentious/lame this is going to sound) than the music I listen to. I look to my favorite musician for style cues, because I believe that fashion can be used in conjunction with music to create a mood that complements the sounds. It's all about creating vibes, and my most inspirational material comes from musicians who do this successfully.

 Lush. Miki and Emma, purveyors of the Great 90s Velvet Long-Sleeved Frock, and possibly the source of my love of long-sleeved bodycon dresses. They were girly, but not too girly...just enough to get the point across that they were real women in the male-dominated shoegaze scene. Quite effective, and a great example of style reflecting music.

Zola Jesus, the  literal banshee voice of the impending "Newgoth". Draped fabric, heavy black, and minimal makeup are the hallmarks of the resurgent batcave style. A true okkvlt style icon. I'm sure she'd probably wince at my saying that, though. Sorry, Z. Jeezy.

Ipso Facto. In addition to the girls having been the darlings of designer Hannah Marshall, they used their style collectively to enhance their music's attitude. Monochrome colors, simple dresses (YES!), and sleek haircuts really brought their music to life. RIP.



Got a saccharinely sweet email today from Tavi (who needs no introduction, naturally), and she was kind enough to send me these images from the Mandy Coon Spring 2011 lookbook. Which I will now be sharing with you! I loved the Cnidarian influence of her S/S 2011collection...jellyfish are among the most alienesque creatures on our planet, and the way she took their intriguing idiosyncrasies and turned them into fashion-as-art...well, it quite literally took my breath away. I expect it will do the same for you.

These lookbook images lend an air of mystery to the garments by presenting them in a sort-of meta and vaguely occult-like way. But they don't skimp on the whimsy, which is a great weapon against the dreaded Taking Oneself Too Seriously. Can't wait for new collection to arrive at Opening Ceremony...I suspect I'll need to splurge on that white belted dress!

Thanks again Tavi! xoxo