I wear a lot of black, and I'm a big fan of pairing my monochrome wardrobe with understated, neutral nail polish. Chanel, you're killing me with your wicked nail colors. I'm pretty sure I need to wear the mossy green Khaki Vert every day for the rest of my life. Of course these colors are only available for Fashion's Night Out in NYC...why haven't I moved to New York yet?!


all the pretty ones

I did photos for a fashion show with Bonnie & Clyde's recently, and here they are! I had so much fun doing backstage photos, it's too bad I can't make a career doing it. Featuring Rick Owens, J. Dauphin, Horace, Obscur, Alex's really neat long woven braid things, and some interesting sorta-steampunk monocle headpieces. Click images for higher resolution.

(note the Rick Owens sharkfin cuffs behind Britton!)


as a boy

I did some photos of my friend. The idea here was to present a masculine aesthetic in the context of empowered female sexuality. Makeup, styling, wardrobe, and photography by me. More images after the cut, but they are NSFW! 18+ only, please! Click images for higher resolution.



(alana zimmer by txema yeste, via fashion gone rogue)

...and suddenly I find myself desirous of a wide flat-brimmed hat for the winter. An item to keep an eye out for whenever I'm at a thrift or vintage store.


hey boy

(images via nitrolicious)

Kind of loving how androgynous Raquel Zimmerman looks in the new fall campaign for +J Jil Sander for Uniqlo. There's something so alluring to me about girls who look like boys. I suppose I'm just a sapphic sucker for strong features, a deadpan gaze, and messy hair. The highly-tailored +J Jil Sander minimal womenswear is just the icing on the cake.

you can never tell

(complex geometries sheet t, thrifted ralph lauren belt, thrifted skirt and shoes)

PSA: Yes, I got bangs cut into my hair. No, I do not like it. Please refrain from commenting on it, as I'm going to be quite insecure about my hair until it grows out.

Yesterday I had a successful trip to the thrift store, scoring 3 things in great condition that I'd actually wear. This is perhaps the perfect maxi skirt - pure heavy cotton with side seams for structure, belt loops, high-waisted fit, and ankle-grazing length. The shoes are Aerosoles, so they are extremely comfortable, and don't appear to have ever been worn before. I was immediately in love with the minimal lacing design and the cutout just below the ankle. I appreciate the fact that some might consider them ugly...but sometimes I find beauty in rough, utilitarian things.

The complex geometries top is my birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend. It's literally a giant sheet with armholes and a neckhole. I can make around 10 different outfits with it - look for a mega-post with it soon.

This outfit is an exercise in negative space using skin. I think the bit of midriff showing adds interest to an otherwise column-like silhouette. Besides...it's 90 freaking degrees outside!

In other news, I'm rediscovering old bands that I used to listen to quite often, yet have fallen out of rotation in recent years. As the name of my blog suggests, I am a huge All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors fan. I haven't played their music much in a while, but listening to them right now reminds why I liked them so much in the first place. Highly recommended for lovers of just plain weird music.


black clothes for a blue girl

This fall, I plan on experimenting with lively ways to pair black with other colors. Black and blue feels so current, so modern...yet it feels nostalgic as well. It's the conceptual version of getting dressed in the dark - bring together two colors that would seem to clash awfully into a harmonious finished product.


welcome to the quarterlife

Last Thursday, I celebrated my 25th birthday. That's right, I'm TWENTY-FIVE. My birthday was spent relaxing, catching up on music, eating delicious baked Alaskan salmon that my boyfriend made for dinner, and meeting some friends for drinks at Rodan. Nothing too crazy! Here's hoping that the coming year brings good things...like a job!


red museum

(images via fashion gone rogue)

Pretty much dying over this entire editorial. It nearly perfectly encapsulates my ideal personal style...rich, draped blacks punctuated by severe lines in whites, greys, and reds, and use of skin tone as negative space filler. Also, the red eyeshadow is completely killer. Red eyeshadow is a staple of mine during the colder months, so expect to see many looks with red eyes.

i lived my life

(thrifted jacket, ideeen nyc blouse, zana bayne belt, bdg jeans)

Looking at this photo from March makes me eager for the fall. Pretty sure this outfit will be my cool weather go-to uniform. Photo taken at SmartBar after the A Place to Bury Strangers show at the Metro.

At that show, I got to say hello to Oliver, whom I hadn't seen for quite a while. I first met him when A Place to Bury Strangers played with Airiel at the Darkroom in Chicago - which also happens to be the show where I met my boyfriend (he was playing with Airiel at the time). I am very proud of APTBS for achieving success as musicians. It's always gratifying to see your friends become successful doing something that they love!
PS. I know this is an awful photo of me. Who cares. Haters gonna hate.