resort 2010 picks

As an unseasoned plebian fashion "blogger" who has never and will probably never contribute anything meaningful to the industry, I present to you my favorites for the resort 2010 season. This post is guaranteed to make me sound like I'm trying too hard to sound knowledgeable about fashion, when in truth, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Nor am I some kind of *articulate, thought-provoking writer*. But enough with the self-deprecation! On with the clothes!

Erdem (in which I nerd out in a rather laughable manner) - Utilizing classic silhouettes - the a-line dress, the dropwaist dress, and the maxi column dress, Erdem takes form back to its timeless roots. No surprises with shapes here. However, these looks win my heart because the print is so reminiscent of a SUPERNOVA EXPLOSION! 

 (image via NASA)
For the uninitiated, a supernova is a astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a massive star depletes its hydrogen fuel and violently ejects its mass in a spectacular stellar explosion of basic elements. It is posited that the elements created in a supernova may have been transported via comets to small planets, bringing the basic necessary ingredients to create life. Supernovas typically explode in a circular manner, and when I first saw these dresses, the similarity was so striking that I wondered if Erdem Moralioglu was a science nerd like myself. It's highly likely that Erdem was not inspired by outer space at all, but that's one of the things I love most about fashion: it can mean so many different things to everyone. This print reminds me that our place in the universe is circumscribed and infinitesimally small - and that our very existence may be owed to the violent death of stars.

The Row - In keeping with the heavy linear shapes of their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the Row presents us with more ankle-grazing  minimal goodness. It's a seamless meld of modest Fransiscan monk chic with Tokyo street practicality and a high dose of androgyny for good measure. As I was discussing with a friend, looking like a boy is the new looking like a girl, and the Olsen sisters are right on trend. The thick forms and fabrics make me wish fall was in short arrival. This collection highly inspires me to replicate some of the silhouettes with items in my own closet.

 (images via style.com and Opening Ceremony)

Proenza Schouler - I'm not going to delve into a review of the actual garments, rather, I am going to LOSE MY SHIT over the new mini PS1 satchel bag! Opening Ceremony posted a few more photos of them here. The smaller version of the PS1 is adorable and functions as both a day and evening bag, something its messanger-bag sized big brother can't do. Also, small = more affordable (usually), so this is a piece of Proenza that I could feasibly own one day. Once I get a decent job, of course.

Thakoon - Easy, unfussy silhouettes with Thakoon's resort collection. Unexpected shapes keep the looks feeling playful and carefree. The collection has a distinct "grab-and-go" feeling, meaning one could just reach into their (obviously wealthy and privileged) closet for their new Thakoon and be set for the day. Even if one doesn't own anything from this collection, the shapes can still be replicated with pre-existing garments in most womens' wardrobes. The proportions in look#1 have me especially intrigued and I can't wait to try out myself. Clean jacket with draped 3/4 skirt and a men's belt? Yes please. Look for that in an upcoming outfit post.

Couture season is arriving soon, so be prepared for more awkward reviews from Little Old Nobody Me. Ha.

(all runway images via style.com)


soliloquy 88

SOLILOQUY 88 from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

Found this fashion video on A Shaded View of Fashion, and wanted to share. Filmed by Jason Last and Jaime Rubiano, it features the Spring 2010 collection by Rodarte, along with the Rodarte metalware shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. It is moody, apocolyptic, nightmarish goodness. Enjoy.

(h/t to A Shaded View of Fashion)



(complexgeometries top, cheap monday leather shorts, jeffrey campbell clinic shoes)

If I look irritated...it's because I am. I hate summer fashion. Adorning myself in a multitude of layers is one of my favorite things about fashion, and clearly that is not an option in the summer. Sigh. Fall can't come soon enough.



(coated latex dress by ideeen nyc, forever21 waist belt, jil sander shoes. click image for hi-res)

This Ideeen dress is made out of coated latex. I love the fact that Ideeen worked with a material that is usually relegated soley to the realm of fetish, and crafted a comfortably wearable draped dress out of it. This dress, from the epic Bonnie & Clyde's warehouse sale, is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It's a garment that I truly love wearing.


Chicago! Come to this tomorrow! I'm helping to produce a fashion show with Bonnie & Clyde's and it should be really neat! There will be pretty clothes on pretty people, silent auctions, food and drinks, and I'll be taking lots of photos. It is also a benefit for Dress for Success Chicago, a charitable organization that provides professional clothing for disadvantaged women who are seeking employment, as well as networking and support systems for them and their families.

It's at Salvage One, 1840 W. Hubbard St in the Fulton Market area. Chicago doesn't have many fashion-related events so please come out and support the few that we do have!


angelically possessed

(Edita Vilkeviciute and Anna Jagodzinksa by Craig McDean for W Magazine, February 2009, images via fashion gone rogue)

This entire spread is hauntingly and achingly beautiful. It takes my breath away, as if I were sighing longingly for something lose, forgotten, or dead. The Alexander McQueen white skull dress is my absolute favorite garment that he's designed.


good things come

Remember when I posted about having won a pair of Jil Sander Fall 2007 platform pumps on eBay, only to have them carelessly misplaced by the Postal Service? Well, the situation has been remedied as eBay came through for me again. I was able to snag another pair in my size. The leather upper is a dark eggplant color, and although I really wanted these in matte black, I'm looking forward to experimenting with shiny violet leather in my wardrobe. Besides, they look black in a dimly lit bar, and that's all that matters, right?

My feet are so, so happy to have these shoes, after waiting for YEARS.

In a rather fortuitous turn of events, the shoes are the EXACT same shade of purple as my everyday Chanel glasses. Matchie-matchie heaven.

I've just been happily wearing these shoes around my apartment, and every so often I gaze down lovingly at my feet, and I am convinced that I would not adore these shoes so much if I didn't have to wait so long to own them.


que linda

 (rick owens dress, rick owens top, linda brockman scarf worn as an overskirt, zana bayne belt, obsur leather vest, annie alot bracelet)

One of the fun things about interning at Bonnie & Clyde's is playing dress-up in all of the beautiful clothes for Lookbook (the link to the look is here). This leather vest by Obscur will haunt me in my sleep until I own it. It's so versatile, so practical, and such a necessary addition to my wardrobe. It certainly satisfies my need for organically-shaped asymmetrical leather vests. I mean, Jesus, doesn't everyone need one?!