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remember death

(images via diane pernet)
Today in Jewelry Porn, handcrafted rings by Aoi Kotsuhiroi made out of human hair. Simply amazing. I love the dead, corpse-like look of these rings, almost as if the crystals were growing out of a rotting body. I also love the idea of using human hair, a material that is so laden with heavy symbolism for us. We all have strong, intimate feelings about our hair, and society has its own notions about our hair as well (see Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair). Wearing this ring would deeply connect me to the person whose hair was used to craft it - forcing me to wonder about who they were and how they lived. It's amazing how Aoi Kotsuhiroi managed to create wearable art with strong connotations of death and the futility of humanity. To me, fashion is best when it allows you to connect with an idea on an elevated, emotional level.

I would love to own one of these rings, and if I did, I'd treasure it every day.

(h/t to a shaded view on fashion)



Photos I took at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, IL. Click for hi-res.


i keep on falling

(image via refinery29)

Gap's Fall 2010 shoe collection.


Did Gap get a clue? I think so! And I'm not complaining! The heeled boots in #1 have my name all over them. Another item on the "to-buy-after-I-get-a-job" list.

(h/t to refinery29)
(silence&noise jacket, ideeen nyc a/w 2009 blouse, bdg jeans, aldo oxfords, click images for hi-res)

I like being gothy.


quit calling jamie bochert a transvestite

(rodarte a/w 2009, image via)

This is Jamie Bochert.

She is a female model, with severe features and an androgynous look. She is not transgendered, a transvestite, a transsexual, a "he-she", a cross dresser, etc...

...and even if she were (for the purely hypothetical sake of  argument) WHO THE HELL CARES. It still wouldn't give people the right to hurl these insulting names at her! Every time one of her editorials is posted online, there's inevitably a bunch of douchebags who resort to calling her these names over the internet in the comments section.

 The fact that Jamie Bochert's looks are so polarizing are a testament to the fact that our society is ill-equipped to handle deviances in masculinity and femininity. We are firmly ensconced in our gender heuristics regarding what makes a man and what makes a woman a woman. I needn't discuss these gendered notions in detail because truthfully, we all know what they are. We know that society teaches us that men and women are supposed to look and act in very different ways.

Gender roles still heavily favor strength in men, and that strength pans out in may areas of life: physical, emotional, professional, etc. "Femininity" dictates that women be caring, virginal, meek, and look like pretty creatures in dresses and heels, and have tiny "delicate" facial features. Obviously Jamie Bochert does not have delicate facial features. Jamie's looks blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, and some people cannot seem to handle that.

I guess I wonder why that line needs to exist. Why must there be such a stark separation between the sexes? And more importantly, why vilify those who dare cross those lines? Masculine women are degraded, not taken seriously, and have difficulty in a world that expects them to act certain ways. FFS, look at what happened to Hillary Clinton during the election. Feminine men are subjected to all sorts of torment from society; they are called fags, automatically assumed to be gay, and are the victims of pretty horrible violence. There is no reason for this!

Sure, one might argue that biology seperates male and female. And this is true, of course. However, gender roles are purely societal constructs, enforced into us from the time that we are children. Imagine what a world without these gender roles might be like - men might feel less threatened about displaying emotions in a public manner, women would not be in a position of subjugation, and Jamie Bochert would not be such a hot topic.

I'm trying to flesh out my ideas as best as I can, but I've had a few drinks this evening. So I'll leave at this: quit calling Jamie Bochert a transvestite.


cookies and drinks

(black blouse by ideeen new york a/w2009, white complexgeometries long strap tank, bdg jeans, jeffrey campbell clinic boots)

Last night = a couple drinks at Club Foot with John, freshly baked cookies when we got home, and cuddling on the couch watching "Don't Mess With Zohan" until we fell asleep. I'm so in love. <3


black roses

(image via fashion gone rouge)

Lily Donaldson photographed by Steven Klein, wearing Alexander McQueen, Agent Provacateur, and Christian Louboutin



Saw these beautiful Jil Sander Spring 2008 RTW shoes at a designer resale boutique yesterday. I'd just finished my job interview and noticed this tiny shop just across the street from my interview site, so I decided to pop my head in. You can't tell from this photo, but the shoes are actually an intense navy blue-black color. Simply stunning. They were a half-size too small for me, but beautiful nonetheless.


socks heels

(thrifted forever21 dress, zana bayne belt, fergie shoes. click the images for hi-res)

I had a job interview today, and I wore this dress to it. I think the interview went well! With opaque tights, my Chanel flats, and a suit jacket, I looked perfectly professional. Ditched the tights, added a belt and heels, and the dress goes into a great casual look. I love pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down. Plus, the dress was thrifted from a Plato's Closet, and cost me $8.

 Here is a rare photo of me smiling. I was so happy about the 80 degree day in Chicago that I felt it warranted a smile :)


jil sander navy

Hi everyone! I'm an unemployed twentysomething college student!

So when I read today that Jil Sander is introducing a diffusion line next spring, I literally jumped for joy. THANKS RAF <3 you're the best!

(jil sander s/s2010 image via nymag.com)
I'll take a diffusion-line version of this, thnx.

I'm thrilled that Chicago has a Jil Sander boutique in the Gold Coast. I plan on shopping the new collection the day it arrives in stores next year. I should have a job by then...I hope...


white shag rug

photographed by me
makeup by me
styled by me
wearing my Alexander McQueen scarf and T by Alexander Wang top
click images for hi-res


in constant sorrows

jIn constant sorrows, all through the day...

Right before I lost my job, I won these beautiful A/W2007 Jil Sander shoes on eBay, for the stupidly low price of a nice dinner. I have been lusting after these shoes for years, and seeing them on Childhood Flames and Garbage Dress only made my lust grow deeper. They are literally the perfect black pump. Mine were a special variant of the shoes pictured above... patent leather with embossed croc print. So rare, so beautiful, and such a necessary addition to my wardrobe.

These shoes never pop up on eBay...and when they do, they are usually in too-small sizes (I wear a size 9). So you can imagine my utter glee when I saw these.

Unfortunately, these beauties were lost in the mail. They were either delivered to the wrong apartment, lost entirely, or stolen my from the vestibule of my apartment building. I am likely to never seem them again.


I am totally heartbroken, as you can imagine. To my lost shoe package...I hope one day, you can find me. To whoever may currently be in posession of my shoes...I hope you are as happy with them as I would have been. To the United States Postal Service...a big steaming FUCK YOU.


1 skirt 5 looks

I bought this skirt at a thrift store for $1. I bought these shoes for $3, and spent another $7 having them fixed by a cobbler. Total = $11. With these two pieces, some safety pins, and a few other peripherals from my closet, I was able to create  5 daytime and nighttime looks. Click the photos for bigger versions.

Recession lesson #1: Thrift stores are your friend.
Recession lesson #2: Don't look at something for what it is, look at it for what it can be.

 (american apparel blouse, thrifted skirt, thrifted shoes)

Apparently a bit of midriff is 'in' again for spring, so here's my take on the trend. Totally channeling Sade here! If you do not know who Sade is, GTFO immediately!

 (top by AKIRA CHICAGO, deena&ozzy belt, marc by marc jacobs bracelet)

Simple but effective. I'd wear this to brunch on a patio, or strolls through the neighborhood. I will be SO BUMMED when Druid hoods aren't cool anymore.

(forever 21 waist belt)

The maxi skirt easily makes the transition to summer, just by hiking it all the way up into a tube dress.

(belt by zana bayne, bebe skirt worn underneath) 
This is totally something I'd wear to a dance party or an outing with friends. With a few safety pins, I managed to arrange the skirt's draping perfectly.

(forever21 bracelet, silence&noise jersey vest)

And lastly, I transformed my skirt into something a bit "avant-garde" (I say that with the utmost eyerolling). I wore a jersey batwing vest the wrong way and was able to achieve a strap around my neck and additional draping around my chest. 

I paid $1 for this incredibly versatile skirt. With more experimenting, I'm sure could create even more pieces with it. I'd say I got my money's worth, yes?


sorry about the not-blogging lately

I haven't updated this blog in a couple of weeks, and there's a pretty good reason why. About three weeks ago, I unexpectedly lost my job. The photo above perfectly describes how I've been feeling about it - just completely despondant and shut-off. The recession is making finding a new job more difficult, but I am remaining confident that I will find one soon. In the meantime, I should enjoy my hobbies a bit more now that I have time to do so. And that means writing in my blog more often. Thanks for your understanding, everyone!