bonnie&clyde's chicago warehouse sale


Bonnie and Clyde's, my favorite local "alternative/dark" boutique in Chicago, is hosting a warehouse sale at 1744 W. Division Street in Wicker park this weekend. The event is open to the public starting tomorrow 3/19/2010 and goes until Sunday. The merchandise is an incredible 90% off.

I'm hitting up the pre-sale event this evening, and hoping to score pieces by Pleasure Principal and C/FAN. This is not  a sale to skip out on!

spring/summer 2010

spring/summer 2010

Here's a rough idea of how I plan on dressing this spring and summer. Light breezy fabrics, neutral colors, draped pieces, understated and simple silhouettes. Figure-hugging bottoms and oversized tops. I want to focus on the whole "effortless" look, I think that would really help my style evolve from where it is now.



(rogan dress, aa one-piece, zana bayne belt, uo sheer tights, jeffrey campbell clinic boots)

Wore this last weekend to go to see Zola Jesus at the Beat Kitchen. It was the relase show for their new EP, Stridulum. It was a really spectacular show. One doesn't get a true sense of her magnamimous voice until it's heard live - she's loud, focused, expressive, and passionate. She's like a howling woodland creature on stage, except with the most incredible voice you've ever heard. Best live show I've been to in a while. Even Pitchfork likes her!

I highly recommend listening to a few Zola Jesus songs; I've linked to the Myspace above. The Stridulum EP has been on nonstop rotation on my playlist since Saturday - this music is so entrancing and arresting that you've got no choice but to listen to it on repeat.


models sans photoshop

(image via fashionindie.com)

I love seeing models look like real people...

...without liquify tool,
...without burning and dodging their wrinkles away,
...without grafting 'good' skin onto their rolls,
...without distoring their bodies and faces into something distinctly unhuman and forever unattainable.

There is no photoshop here, and Alessandra, Crystal, and Brooklyn look incredible. This what our society needs to see more of.

dressed in black again

(aa sheer button-down, lux tube top, silence& noise high-waisted jeans, fergie heels)

Haute Macabre says black lipstick + glasses make the face too busy. I disagree. I think it looks fine. My glasses are such an intergral part of my appearance that I can't imagine ever getting contacts. What do you think?


the silent collection

(images via oak NYC)

Damir Doma A/W 2010 Silent Collection for OAK NYC



best thrift score ever

(dolce&gabbana long jacket, t by alexander wang tank, aa skirt, alex&chloe necklace, h&m tights, chanel glasses)

Last weekend I found the thrift score of a lifetime. This Dolce & Gabbana long jacket is hands-down the luckiest thrift find ever. It's in mint condition, fits me perfectly, it's lined with leopard-print satin...and it was only $30. I was utterly blown away when I found it. The squared shoulders are lovely, the extended collar is slimming, and the satin is oh-so-comfortable. Whenever I'm feeling down about something, I'll put on this jacket and it will remind me that life sometimes throws unexpected good things my way.

Sheer tops can sometimes be tricky to wear...I paired my tank top with a black bandeau bra and high-waisted skirt. This keeps everything covered enough to be decent, but the sheerness balances out the strong color and fit of the jacket. When wearing menswear, I like to add a few girly pieces...thus, the sheer top, red lipstick, and curled hair.

I haven't been able to take this jacket off since I got it, and I expect that it will last me many years. The things you can find at thrift stores are truly mind-boggling.



I have been searching for ~the black school bag~ for quite some now. Something that is sturdy and will last me many happy years of use, big enough to hold the many textbooks I'll no doubt be studying through medical school, timeless enough to match my current and  future wardrobe,  devoid of patent leather, plain yet possesses a magical something to avoid it being uninteresting, and most of all, NO OBNOXIOUS METAL HARDWARE SHIT. I don't need dangly chains and annoying tassels and tacky spikes and studs all over my bag! I need something that I can haul my heavy textbooks around in, and with college and medical looming ahead of me, my bag needs to be able to survive many years of heavy use. I've since dejectedly realized that such a bag does not exist, and that my dreams of the consummate bag are nothing more than flights of fancy.

Luckily, Gareth Pugh Fall 2010 has solved this problem for me.

(image via nymag.com)



Look at this fucking bag! Unobtrusive zippers! Matte leather! Certainly large enough to hold my schoolbooks as I scuttle around campus. The quilted X design is absolutely stunning, timeless, and suits my gawth sensibilities perfectly.

Sadly, I am positive this bag will be *at least* a couple Gs, far beyond my realm of obtainable covets. I sigh wearily. At the very least, I am pleased that the black bag I have always dreamed of does really truly exist, and that my favorite designer makes it. The irony is that once I'm a doctor and am through with my schooling, I'd be able to afford this bag... but would have little use for something so large.



 UPDATED 3/8/2010:  NVM. Sadly, not gonna happen.

Looks like Gareth Pugh is going to become the head of Alexander McQueen's fashion brand. Happy dance! If there's anyone who can do justice to McQueen's name, it's Pugh. I'm thoroughly pleased about this, and I look forward to the beauty and vitality that he'll bring to the McQueen label. Goth is going nowhere - in fact, the high-fashion goth look is just getting started.

Here's some Pugh for you all, if you have not yet been acquainted with this work:

Spring 2007 RTW

Spring 2007 RTW

Spring 2008 RTW
This design looks like a bacteriophage virus.

Fall 2007 RTW

Spring 2009 RTW

Fall 2008 RTW

news via A Shaded View on Fashion, runway images via style.com


just like milk&honey

 (silence&noise jacket, bdg jeans, forever 21 cardigan, aldo shoes, obesity&speed tank top)

50 degrees and sunny in Chicago today. The first day of spring is always so special - the neighborhoods come alive, people aren't hidden under their winter parkas, and streets are bustling with activity. John and I woke up early, so we avoided the brunch rush at Milk & Honey Cafe. It's a delicious neighborhood cafe but it's almost always packed on the weekends - definitely not a hangover spot!


domain archea

(forever 21 blazer, forever 21 long cardigan, cool and casual by slow and steady wins the race shoes, spanx tights, zana bayne belt. click images for high-res versions)
I'm really into outfits with vertical leading lines. Paired with heeled platform shoes, a strong vertical line makes me look way taller than I am. I'm only 5'2.

I bought this Cheap Monday coat on sale for, well, cheap yesterday at a boutique that I never shop at. It was on sale for 75% off. In Chicago, you can never be too warm or own too many coats. I've been wanting a black oversized wool coat for a while now, and I finally have one. Layering bliss!

Here's a better picture of the coat's bell shape. The red-riding-hood silhouette is great, but it is not the most awesome part of the coat...

The coat is lined with unicellular organisms! Look at those fucking parameciums. I love the fact that my coat is printed with prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Yes, I am a science nerd! BFD!


be still

Gareth Pugh's Fall 2010 collection is the first show of the year that really blew me away. Yes, it's more "wearable" than seasons past. Yes, it lacks the ridiculosity (I just made that word up!) of his more memorable creations. However, I feel that Pugh has taken a huge step forward with this collection. It feels tight, focused, and more mature. The combination of chevron designs and over-the-knee boots portray an understated female strength, and does not turn women into silly caricatures of power. He understands that "these economic times" are cause to exercise restraint and subtlety, with a higher emphasis on functionality than concept. I am huge devoted follower of the goth-chic-spooky-monochrome-glam look, and this is a delight for my senses. I am absolutely smitten. 

The vest reminds me of a hyperbolic paraboloid, of my favorite shapes in nature. It is postulated that our universe may be shaped like a paraboloid that is expanding forever. The beautiful opposing chevron designs add such a sense of infinity that keeps going until the end of time, like a line segment with no end.

Look how flattering this dress is! Strong squared shoulders make women look powerful. The leather darts (I think that's what they're called?) emphasize women's chests, rather than hides them away. The leather sloping down on either sides of the jersey insert highlights the natural curves of women's waistlines, and the neck-to-thigh zipper leads the eye straight to a woman's face. So gorgeous. This would look beautiful on women of many different shapes and sizes.

This is stunning. I wish I could have been at this show, watching the dress sweep down the runway, chains rustling every which way. Wow.

(all runways images via nymag.com)
Oh my goth, that cape! I love spiderweb knits, even though, yes, they are entirely unpractical and get caught in everything. They offer just the perfect amount of tantalizing skin without being grossly sexual. Gorgeous.

You can view the entire collection here, and I do advise seeing the whole thing. It's worth it. Eyecandy heaven.