welcome to desert of the real

The new collection by Ann-Sofie Back makes me feel like I'm a redpill in the Matrix world. This is what I envision a race of rebel humans fighting a machine singularity in the future would wear. I'm very into cyber-apocalyptic dystopian scenarios, and this collection captured that mood perfectly. Bleak colors, androgynous silhouettes, organic textures, exaggerated tattered hems...I can just imagine dancing in this at a Zion rave.

That sweater! I adore the Rorschach-vagina-dragon-Machine print.
(all runway images via nymag.com, click here for the full collection)
When fighting Machines or post-apocalyptic mutated humanoids, it's imperative to have a supply of bullets for your AK-47s and Berettas. You can always keep an extra stash on your head! For when, you know, your badass latex catsuit has has no pockets.

If you're interested in the ideas of a technological singularity, I'd suggest reading this Wikipedia entry to start. You can also check out The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil. Very fascinating stuff.


jesus christ on a cross

Newest object of my affection...Alex & Chloe's carpenter cross necklace. Can be worn right-side-up and sacriligious-style upside-down. The last remants of my Catholic guilt are urging me to splurge on the necklace...cannot! ignore! the Catholic guilt!



THRILLED to see that the psuedo-goth-with-style look is not going anywhere soon. Thanks Proenza, for validating my chosen societal subculture. I'm not being ironic either!
(proenza schouler ready-to-wear fall 2010. runway images via style.com)

This fall, I have a feeling that a few staples might be a sheer black button-down blouse, highly tailored skirt, and dark lips. This pleases my inner spookiness.

lara, lara, lara...


I make no small secret of my heterosexual love affair with Lara Stone. If any of you follow my (VERY NSFW) tumblr +/-, you will notice that I post many a photo of Ms. Stone's fantastic boobs. I'm as straight as an arrow, but gee whiz, Lara Stone gets me all hot n' bothered.

That being said, Lara Stone said something recently that my left my girl boner as flaccid as a deflated balloon.

Lara Stone does not like working with female photographers.

From Jezebel:
"They seem to never be able to make up their minds about what they want to do - with the exception of Inez [van Lamsweerde] because she always knows what she's doing," Stone told Marc Jacobs in Interview.

Dutch photographer Inez van Lamsweerde, it is worth adding, works in a team with Vinoodh Matadin.
Stone continued, "But so many times it's like, ‘Oh, let's try this' and ‘Let's try that' and ‘Let's do this' and ‘Let's do that.' It's like, ‘For f—k's sake, woman!'"
 As a female photographer, this breaks my heart a little. And I think it's worth examining from a socialogical and personal perspective. I am going to be approaching this issue from a heteronormative paradigm, so keep in mind that the dynamics I am going to discuss may not necessarily relate to the GLBT population.

Firstly, men are socialized from a very early age to objectify women. This is not a matter up for debate, it's widely accepted as fact. Male photographers make their career out of objectifying women. They are paid to produce work from a gendered gaze in order to sell a product. In fashion photography this product can be a garment, or it in the case of porn, sexualization. Either way, the model's sense of humanity takes a backseat to the profitting subject. Because men are attracted to women, it's virtually impossible for them to be objective about their models' bodies. By nature, they are going to be subjective. It's this subjectivity allows men to direct models in ways that are most flattering for a typical heterosexual male. I've witnessed this dynamic at photoshoots on various occasions. It's easy for men to pose models because they don't view the model as a person - they view her as an object.

I hate to say this, and I won't name any names...but most male photographers I know are somewhat of a self-aggrandizing sexist pig who secretly (or not so secretly) wants to sleep with his models. This certainly isn't true of every single male photographer, of course, but seems to be an emerging theme among them.

Female photographers, perhaps, are more hesitant to objectify another woman, even professionally. We are more inclined to look at our models as professional women deserving of our basic respect. Much of my work involves nudity, but I always make a point to present my models as living, breathing people, regardless of how much clothes they are wearing.  It's hard to express sexuality in my photography without depersonalizing my models, but as a woman, I feel that I cannot create work in any other way.

The female experience teaches us to stay quiet, bow our heads, answer questions indirectly, and keep our feelings to ourselves lest we be labeled "hysterical". As such, many women (myself included) have a difficult time expressing ourselves in professional situations. This difficulty also contributes to the pay gap between men and women. Female photographers simply are not taught how to be assertive in ways that men are. And it all can be traced back to our childhood experiences of "boys are loud, girls are quiet". Men are taught from a younger age to be more direct and forceful, and this translate into "decisiveness" in the workplace.

Personally, I am awful at directing my models. This is probably my biggest hinderance in advancing my work forward. At shoots, I am awkward and confused and I have many ideas, just no way to express them. I know that my models become irritated as I struggle to quanitify my vision. So I certainly understand where Lara Stone is coming from. But the situation is more nuanced than she understands, and stems from a variety of unequalities that exist between men and women.


happy hour with coworkers

(complexgeometries top, t by alexander wang tank top, zana bayne belt, bdg jeans, jeffrey campbell shoes, chanel glasses. click photos for high-res.)

I wore this yesterday to my monthly workplace after-hours gathering with my coworkers. This was our first time arranging such an event, outside the confines of our cubicles. This month, we met up for happy hour at Trinity Bar in Lincoln Park. It's a psuedo-Irish sports bar with lots of yuppie douchebags and Cubs fans. Popped collars and Abercrombie&Fitch. Not my kind of bar at all, but I needed to make an appearance. Especially since I work from home now, so I don't get to see my coworkers very often. I wanted my coworkers to see what I wear when I'm not decked out in BIZ CAZ.

This outfit is inspired by Luke's Tattooine gear. "Waaaaah, Uncle Owen, I wanna go to the Academy too!"

Here's a photo of how I stayed warm as I treked up to Lincoln Park. Scarf worn as a hood, legwarmers over my jeans and shoes, and belt went on the ouside. I'm really into the belted coat + hood look this winter...can't go wrong with functionality. This belt was handmade by Zana Bayne in NYC, and I love it. It's my new go-to belt for, well, everything.

(h&m scarf and legwarmers, gentle fawn coat)

I work with fantastic people and I'm really lucky to have my great job. The recession has been a nighmare for many people, and I feel very blessed that I have a steady job that I'm good at. Also, working from home in my pajamas is the fucking tits.



Do you ever get those later winter stirrings, those feelings of restlessness, cabin fever, uneasy complacency? I've been feeling that way quite a bit lately, and I seem to be unable to remove myself from that rut. All I seem to want to do is stream movies from Netflix and hang out on the internet. This is especially compounded by the fact that I work from home so I. Never. Leave. My. Apartment.

I look at my closet and just get an overwhelming urge to throw everything and start all over again! Well, not everything...but most things. Things I haven't worn in a year, ill-fitting shrunken garments, worn-once impulse-bought clothes that deep down I know I'll never wear again.

I'm sure the coming spring will kick-start my energy again. I have a lot of fantastic ideas about spring and summer style that I can't wait to put into practice. Perhaps the spring will inspire me to reassess my wardrobe and do that whole sell/donate/throw out thing.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to go out more and force myself to work on a few photography projects (despite how soul-crushingingly uninspired I am). I'm also going to work on some latex pieces with the sheets I got from a friend.

We're in the home stretch here. Spring shall be in arrival shortly.

How do you all deal with the cold? How does it affect your style, or mood?


Rest in Peace

(photo via style.com)

Thanks for your illuminating creativity, passion, and artistry.


Alexander Wang and Rodarte Live

 Just read on nitrolicious that Alexander Wang and Rodarte are both going to be streaming their Fall 2010 fashion shows live online. This is amazing! The advent of real-time internet media is allowing so many people the chance to experience something they'd otherwise never get to. It's also quite an ingenious marketing device, I'm sure more people will be tempted to splurge on their garments if they got to see it live on a runway.

Though this begs the question: if seating at a fashion is a designation of one's position within the hierarchy, what place does that put us bottom-feeders who are watching the fashion show online in our underwear at home? Naturally, the standing overflow crowd at the shows won't have a reason to feel like such plebians.

Alexander Wang will be streamed live on Saturday, February 13th at 5:00 PM EST (4:00 PM for us Chicagoans), and Rodarte will be live on Tuesday, February 16th at 12:00 PM EST (11:00 AM CST). The shows will available for viewing here. Can't wait!


2/4/10: Jeffrey Campbell Clinic Boot - Finally Mine!

I've been lusting after these boots for months now. Basically, they would match almost everything I wear and they suit my 'goth' 'dark' 'alternative' (and I say that with the utmost eyerolling) style perfectly. Sadly I was broke when they were being sold by Oak NYC. They hit the blogosphere, then sold out everywhere lightning fast. I'd troll eBay here and there hoping to score a deal, but it never seemed to come around. I finally gave up all hope of ever obtaining these wicked shoes. I offhandedly browsed KarmaLoop tonight, and to my delight, they were being sold online! Thanks to a few promotional codes, I managed to score these babies for a stupidly low price and free shipping. They should be arriving next week! I can't wait to post a look with these - and wear them everywhere.

I love the buckles, the mirrored sides, the platform, the wedge heel, and the fact that they are not peeptoes, meaning I could feasibly wear them through Chicago's cold winter...with some thick socks, of course.


2/3/10: Rad by Rad Hourani

I got an email a couple of weeks ago informing me that the webshop for Rad by Rad Hourani was now open for business. Rad Hourani is a fashion designer that I've been following for a while, privately lusting for his beautifully draped monochrome clothes...priced far beyond what my meager paychecks could ever afford. Rad by Rad Hourani is his diffusion line, putting his designs firmly within price reach of a more general populace. The designs are all one size and unisex. Many of his designs are meant to be worn in several ways which offers more bang for your buck! I just recently got a huge promotion at work (!!!), so I suspect I shall be buying one of his items very soon as a present to myself!

Here's a few more items from his webshop, and a link to the site is here.

Scarf, which can also be worn as a top.

Rib knit multifunctional scarf/vest.

Scarf/vest/top/cape/ skirt thing? Probably my favorite piece, and the one I'll buy. The jersey cotton portion around the models' necks also functions as a skirt, with the knitted portion becoming a top. I like the idea of a vest that I can also wear as a skirt.


2/1/10: stripes and skulls will break your bones

(forever21 shirt and bracelet, bdg jeans, alexander mcqueen scarf, melissa heeless shoes, chanel glasses and nail polish. click images to view full-sized.)

This weekend I took a trip to the Chanel boutique on Michigan avenue. I was there to pick up replacement buttons for my Chanel spring coat. I also picked up the latest nail polish craze color - #505 Particuliere. The saleslady was wearing it, and I was instantly sold. It's a beautiful color, I can see why people are going crazy for it! I can't wait to wear it with my Chanel coat - I will post a look with it as soon as I get it tailored.

These are fun shoes...I wasn't crazy about them when i first got them (buy 2 get 3 free sale at Akira Chicago!), but they are slowly growing on me. Perhaps iIll never love them, but I'm certainly not as 'ehhhhh' about them as I used to be.