throughout the dark months of january and february

(bb dakota coat, second-hand tuk creepers)

I live in Chicago. It gets extremely cold in Chicago during the winter.

Thus, a reliable collection of warm coats is not only necessary, in subzero temperatures it's a lifesaver. When dealing with winters as harsh as ours, it's easy to forget about the design of the coat and just reach for the biggest, warmest ankle-length puffy coat in your closet. Sacrificing design for practicality seems to be the route for most Chicagoans...but I refuse to do this. I've made it a point to seek out coats that balance design without sacrificing warmth or layering possibilities. This wool BB Dakota coat accomplishes both tasks, plus it can be worn a few different ways for maximum styling prospects.

Too often, draped garments seem draped just for the sake of being draped. I mean, the drapes don't create any leading lines or flatter the figure in any quantifiable way. I like this coat because the draped fabric falls into geometric shapes - large triangles (above), small triangles (below), and diamond-shaped hemlines.

▲▲▲ EPIC SITH LORD/DRUID HOOD/////OOOOO00000oooo000†††
LOL vomit. I am an embarrassment to myself sometimes.



very cool variety. i thin first and last are my fave - liking the hood coverage ;)

Kat said...

versatility is a great feature in clothing.. this coat is superb! <3

Ross C. said...

Haha, you totally read my mind in that last picture! When I saw the first one the nerd in me emerged and thought I wanted to take you to some frosbitten tundra and cast spells on arctic trolls.

meg // morningmidnight said...

ugh i love this. i seriously need a winter coat, i've been borrowing my mom's for a few months now because the amazing oversize-collar/druid-hood one i had last year was lost in the great fire by which i mean i left it at my ex's place when i moved out and, like, that is not coming back into my life at any point soon. THESE THINGS ARE TRAGIC. i feel like there should be some decent ones on sale at some point in the next month as spring stuff hits the racks... at least i hope so.

also, creepers? obsessed.

Mat said...

ha the last photo is quite ammusing. all topped of with amazing creepers

meagan said...

@meg i got it from urban outfitters at 50% off, it think it was an online return. it's still on their website right now! you could probably wait a few months until it goes on sale.

Faye said...

your jacket is sick.