My new Preen dress, a hasty decision from The Outnet, which turned out to be good decision after all. Another addition to my long-sleeved bodycon dress collection (which, mind you, is small). The cutouts present just enough geometrical shapes to keep me interested, while the subtle not-floral lace provides textural sponteniety in all the right places. My necklace is my beloved mall goth rosary bauble from ~The Hot Topics~, I've had it since high school. Oh, the clasp is worn and the fake crystals have long since come unglued, by I still love it dearly. Every time I wear it, I remember more halcyon days of faux-rebelliousness against the seemingly institutionalized uniform of Abercrombie & Fitch at school. As a teen, I wasn't sure of myself in the slightest, but I had enough self-awareness to know that I was different. Wearing black became my way of insulating myself from the endless A&F clones who trolled the hallways while also allowing me to express some small part of who I was. I think that's why, in over 7 years since I've graduated, that I continue to wear black. It's protection and expression at the same time.

Ironically, wearing black is also social disassociation and social conformity as well...but perhaps that discussion is for a different time.

I thought this outfit, in keeping with the nostalgia theme, deserved my very 90s Miu Miu loafers. I bought them for $12 on ebay.

Note: I realize that my left hip looks like a Photoshop Disaster, but I assure you, it is not. It must just be an awkward camera angle and placement of my hand. I don't retouch my own body. It goes against all I try to stand for.


Mat said...

well i was similar at school i guess, i knew i never really liked the stuff i was meant to and everyone else did. not that i really looked different, i didn't look like much. i was the fat kid! but from around 16 i remember always stealing my sisters clothes, very 90s stuff mind you, army jackets and cartoon tshirts, the britpop effect i guess.

i've always been drawn to the outsider, i dunno, i guess i just think their interesting. makes sense to me, my town is full of the uk version of the jock but the other half is the polar opposite(i live in the second gay capital of the uk). anyways, im rambling, you look fab


perfect loafers.
thank you for your videos, always enjoying interesting interiors :)

meagan said...

@the divinitus you are most welcome for the videos. i travel all over the city doing party photos and end up in some very interesting places, i'll be sure to post more about them!

Cecylia said...

Your dress is amazing! I love the cutout detail!