paint's peeling off

(thrifted dolce & gabbana jacket, aa mesh blouse, ebay'd risto bimbiloski lava skirt, ebay'd marc jacobs necklace, zana bayne harness)

eBay, where dreams really come true. My Marc Jacobs necklace and new Risto Bimbiloski skirt are both recent acquisitions, both for prices so low I could honestly spend more on similar items from H&M. Risto is one of my favorite new designers and I am delighted to own one of his beautiful digital printed pieces. Unfortunately the skirt is a little small on me...so back it eBay it may go. Sadface. That's the chance you take with eBay sometimes.

I've been slowly moving away from diaphanous black garments in favor of stricter, figure-flattering tailoring. I have curves and I want to celebrate my shapely body with clothes that lay perfectly against it. I'm heavily attracted to lines in visual art, and I'd like to incorporate that more into my style (thus, the X-shape of the harness). My Dolce & Gabbana jacket (which is my best find from a thrift store EVER) is tailored with my exact measurements in mind - from the squared shoulders, to the perfect sleeves, to the lovely flared waistline. I didn't even take it to be altered, it fits me perfectly right off the rack! Pretty sure this jacket and I were soulmates in a previous life.

So obsessed with this necklace...

...and so thrilled with the fall weather, when I can wear my beloved orange eyeshadow. It's an autumn staple for me each year. MAC Matte Eyeshadow in Rule.


Mat said...

that's the beauty of ebay isn't it, gotta love it. you do tend to find some ace bits.

really like the blouse with the harness

The Animal Orchestra said...

Wow. Sublime! The colours, the shapes, the mix of textures... I love the juxtaposition of the harness with the necklace.

Annushka said...

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