Got a saccharinely sweet email today from Tavi (who needs no introduction, naturally), and she was kind enough to send me these images from the Mandy Coon Spring 2011 lookbook. Which I will now be sharing with you! I loved the Cnidarian influence of her S/S 2011collection...jellyfish are among the most alienesque creatures on our planet, and the way she took their intriguing idiosyncrasies and turned them into fashion-as-art...well, it quite literally took my breath away. I expect it will do the same for you.

These lookbook images lend an air of mystery to the garments by presenting them in a sort-of meta and vaguely occult-like way. But they don't skimp on the whimsy, which is a great weapon against the dreaded Taking Oneself Too Seriously. Can't wait for new collection to arrive at Opening Ceremony...I suspect I'll need to splurge on that white belted dress!

Thanks again Tavi! xoxo


Tavi said...

They reminded me of you so much! I am probably going to copy those braids..

meagan said...

thanks! you totally should rock this hair. the helmet-hair braids are really fantastic, they are more awkward/less trendy with the lower placement.