Happy Halloween! I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a costume this year, so I bought this wig and used clothes from my closet and borrowed John's tie for this easy Karl Lagerfeld look. A few people (my friends, mostly) understood my costume, but I was content to not be a "sexy-something-or-another" this year. Taking a break from overt female sexuality is kind of nice sometimes. Also, KARL LAHFS U <3


lucinda said...

Ha! This is a perfect Karl look. I like how you worked in your harness too.

Mat said...

this is a riot, sort of futuristic too

meg // morningmidnight said...

YES!! karl is one of my favourite/most amusing costumes... i love it. you just belong in new york, everyone at the parties here would've understood it instantly :p

this year was the first time i did any costume that was sexy at all, and i felt really self-conscious about it, haaa, because that's really not my style usually, but i just sort of had to own it and ended up kind of being pleased with it, after two nights of telling myself that i looked fine and that it wasn't THAT trashy. also kept telling myself it was, um, subversive because i'm queer and intellectual since it was a sci fi movie reference? totally.

Seraph said...

That may be the most amusing costume I've EVER seen.

Just found your blog through Tavi's blog...I don't read her's often so I have a nice backlog to look through :-/