NYFW Part 1

I'm short on time but loooong on opinions, so here's a quick rundown of my reviews from New York Fashion Week. As I type this, I am eating a tomato salad during my lunch, and yes, it is delicious. Though to be perfectly honest, I can't help but feel vaugely inauthentic as I "blog" about "fashion" from my cubicle in a conservative corporate office.


Alexander Wang

Where do I start with this.
This is certainly, um, different than his previous monochrome collections. Utilizing light, saccharine colors and breezy fabrics, he's crafted a collection of, well....ill-fitting, uninspired pseudo-sportswear. Gone are the unconventional metal hardware and unexpected femininity of seasons past. In place, we have look #3, which makes me utterly despair for the return of the Luxury Tracksuit, a stain on modern fashion which I'd thought had been long since bleach-penned out.

There is something to be said for the "ugly-pretty" aesthetic, but I'm steadfast in my opinion that Alexander Wang missed the "pretty" part with this collection. I truly hope that I am not alone in my critique.

Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel presented us with a lively sportwear-inspired collection, but with emboldened details and directional shapes. Leather (!) accents create visual leading lines and full leather wet-suit pieces form a minimal base for other garments to shine. I'm especially enjoying the piercing bright reds and yellows, just enough color to bring a black palette to life. Also, black and blue (my preferred color combo 4 LYFE!) is still making a strong presence on the runways, leaving me able to breathe a sigh of relief that my closet won't be irrelevant any time soon. Also, can we talk about how fierce Alla Kostromicheva looks in #2? I fell in love with her when she presented McQueen's final collection with reverance and humility, and am thrilled to see her working everywhere. Modeling is real work, and good work deserves to be commended!

Mandy Coon

Mandy Coon is an emerging designer that I've been following for about a year now. This collection is undoubtedly her best yet, complete with directional looks and superb proportions. Coon has said that she was inspired by jellyfish for this collection, and it's easy to see the influence. Long, trail-like hems and long pleats reminiscent of tentacles and helmet hair complete the reference.  I'm especially excited to see black clothes move away from nebulous draped shapes in favor of heavier tailoring and 90s silhouettes. Babydoll-length dresses and midriffs! Win! The leather lariat/cat-o'-nine-tails/noose neck piece in #1 is an exceptional standout accessory in this collection and I can't really express how bad I desire it. NEED. NOW.

all runway images via nymag.com.

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Puck Litaay said...

I'm absolutely in love with the leather details Ohne Titel did, it's amazing. Love the hair at Alexander Wang's.